The Jury's Still Out

I've only had three Pedicures in my life with mixed reviews still. I just can't quite figure out if I like them or not. I'm sure if you find one business/person you like, then you'd be more likely to stick with it. So I'm going to give you a breakdown of Pros and Cons. Maybe it will help you decide. Maybe it will help me decide.

  • Massage chair than you can keep resetting if you want
  • The best darn leg and foot massage you will ever have
  • Very reasonably priced, around here it's 20 bucks and lasts close to an hour
  • Pretty toes, of course
  • Using the massage chair too long. When your back is a little thinner, it hurts later in the day and feels bruised so you end up taking Advil for 2 days to get over it.
  • Foot massage is too thorough. I must have some arthritis at the base of a toe, because when they work that area, I have to grit my teeth.
  • The language barrier. All of the places I've been to are Asian owned. My last Pedi was the first time the girls could carry on a conversation. Most of the time it's just uncomfortable to try and pretend what they're saying. It reminds me of my deaf Grandmother, who would just nod and smile.
  • If your feet are sensitive or ticklish, DO NOT GET A PEDI! They take a pumice stone and go on top and inbetween your toes. Then they take a torturous sponge and scrub the bottom of your foot so hard that if you are ticklish, you will be clinging from the lighting.
  • Music; some places play this slow Asian elevator music and it makes me so sleepy. I guess that's the idea, to be relaxed, but I'm not crazy about it.
  • Some bleeding, if they accidently cut you with their tools.
Well, I guess it looks like the Cons outweigh the Pros. The only reason I went the last two times is because hubby bought me a 40 dollar gift certificate but it took me a year and-a-half to use it up. Maybe I'll go once a year or so but it looks like I won't be making it a regular thing. But....the woman I work for just gave me a gift certificate for a Mani and Pedi at her place, so here we go again...

I was going to post a picture of the finished product but a long time ago when I was a teenager, someone told me that my feet looked like Maple Bars. So now, that's all I see when I see a picture of my feet, even after my weight loss. So I won't put you through that.


Grumpy said…
I don't have an opinion on the subject other than the workers. A local investigation found that some of the Asian owned nail salons were housing the workers 6-8 to an apartment, hauling them to the shop in a van and returning them 10 hours later. Much like indentured servants.
kden said…
That's sad Grumpy. I know the one place I take my lady to is family owned and probably have all relatives working there. But you just never know.
fernvalley01 said…
I have terrible feet along with a toe that is crokked from arthritis, so I am NOT a fan of pedi's pefer to get a massage on my poor back
ethelmaepotter! said…
Just dropping by to say Happy New Year. Hope it's a great one for you!
D. Duplessis said…
Having never had a pedicure (I wouldn't pay someone to touch my feet...mow my yard yes, touch my feet...ewww, no thanks) I have no idea how to comment other than to say, I hope you smacked the kid who called your feet, Maple Bars! Hope you're having a happy new year so far!
bill said…
My wife gets one every time we go to Austin. My grandson takes her. He also gets one. It's an upscale place he prefers. He always wants me to get one but I always decline. I think I would like one and I know I'd like the foot message. I always tell him: Save your money. It may be your only friend when you're down and out." Get one. Tell them where you're sensitive and where to take it easy.
Mr. Shife said…
I have not had the privilege of getting a mani or a pedi but my wife loves them. And for some reason I am craving a maple bar.=) Have a great weekend.

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