The Final Phase

The final phase of my daughter's high school restoration was finished recently with a new track, field, and bleachers added.

Just inside the gate with the Shadle water tank in the background. It was painted with the
school colors many years ago to curb graffiti 

They started the process in May by tearing out the track and field. That kept us out all that time and I really missed walking the track. It's the only place I can let Nellie off leash while I power walk a mile. She can take her time sniffing and I can keep moving.

New shot put circle
One thing I don't like what they've done is put a fence around the entire area and then another fence around the track and field itself. But the other day hubby saw someone walking their dog inside so we thought we'd try to get in.

We got through the main gate fine but the inner one was locked. We continued to follow the fence around the other side where we found one open. I felt like a kid breaking in to a candy store or something. So many people take advantage of the track for their exercise I just can't understand why they have to lock it up. We walked our mile and Nellie got to walk at her pace, which has slowed considerably. I don't think she enjoyed it very much and was pretty excited to leave.

I enjoy looking up the history of an area and found that the school and adjoining park was built on land donated by Jessie Comstock Shadle, the widow of Eugene Shadle. The school was built and opened to 1,331 students in 1957. During that first year students chose green and gold as their school colors and the Highlanders as their nickname.

Eugene Shadle was a decedent of a Scottish Clan and that clan played a major role in choosing the colors. The Scottish heritage also brought about the Highland Pipe Band that same year. The Bagpipers play at the beginning at every function as well as the Highland Dancers. I'll tell you, nothing gives me goosebumps more than seeing them play. We often hear them practice at school on nice days when they leave the doors open. I hope to get a picture of them some day. During the 80's the Pipeband died out but thankfully was revived in 1990.

From the track with the school in the background

From the far end of the field with the school and new bleachers in the background
Currently the football games are played at a local facility for all of the high school teams. I'm really not sure if Varsity will begin playing on their own turf now. Hubby said it depends on the contract they have with the facility. It would be nice to see a game on their home field though. Heck, I might even like football now...

So, finally the entire school and grounds are finished and will serve many students for many years to come. I'm truly proud that we have a student there and we got to see it all happen.


Grumpy said…
Surprised they haven't replaced the grass field. Field Turf makes the field so much more usable because it doesn't get torn up as natural grass would.

Since you're paying taxes you should be able to use the facility. You ready for the traffic and parking headaches if they start playing football at home?
kden said…
I've already got the traffic and parking headache so it would be just another day for me, and besides we could walk over.
Mr. Shife said…
Cool beans. I hope the facility treats you and your family well. Are those recent pics? You guys look you have not had much snow either. We are bone dry down here in Boise. Have a good weekend.
kden said…
Yes Mr.Shife, these were taken just a few weeks ago. It has been a strange winter, but I'm sure not complaining. I love it!!

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