Feeling Like a Geeky Dork

My husband and I were quite content with our 3 year-old cell phones. We don't text or have the need, until....

Our daughter had the 5000 txt package because she was texting her boyfriend in California a lot. But since his mother found a questionable photo that he had sent, he was first grounded and then pretty much banned from texting without being in her presence. This might have to be a post all it's own; but just to assure you, it was not a sexting photo.

Anyway I was going to change her texting package because at last count she had only texted 12 times in the last month. But her previous package was now gone. It was a nice 500 txt limit and would have worked fine. So now all I see is is an unlimited package for all of us for only 10 bucks more than what her 5000 limit was.

Well then, if we're going to go through all that trouble, then I think we need new phones! Hubby already said he didn't want one. He doesn't like change. I've always had LG's and like them so that's what I wanted to stick with. And since Grumpy had already done all the research on his Octane, it sounded good to me. It wasn't available online and I learned at the Verizon store that it was actually discontinued. The pushy salesgirl tried to pressure me into either the Cosmos 2 or another maker. I told her I'd like to do some research so left empty handed.

Upon my research I found the Cosmos 2 at Radio Shack for free (with upgrade). Really? And Verizon was going to charge me? I high-tailed it over to the Shack and found both of them to look at. Although the Octane was not in stock, she could have ordered it from another store. I was feeling very impulsive so took the Cosmos instead. Sleek and pretty, it fit in my hands just right. But still I wish I had waited for the Octane.

The next day hubby caved and wanted a new phone too (I knew that would happen). I said he would probably like the Octane better because it has a larger keyboard, good for big manly fingers. We found another Shack that had one in stock so he got it. Now that I had two to play with, I was so torn. I had 30 days to make a switch and called the first store and asked her if she could get one in. By the time it was in though, I had gotten kind of used to mine and would now feel like a traitor to give it up. It's narrower and has a place to attach a strap. Those are good for pulling the phone out of a tight pocket. It's all in the details. So when I went back to the Shack I decided to keep my own.

I still like it even though it doesn't have a few features hubby's phone does, but mine still has some that his doesn't. He has Social Beat; without a data package he can access his Facebook. I can do the same, just a little different. He doesn't have speakerphone but does have video; mine is just the opposite. Since I'm going to keep it, I've ordered a few covers to keep it pretty and protected.

And I've been texting; mostly to daughter and hubby. Even while we're sitting in the same room. Yea, we're weird with our new toys. I'm also keeping in touch with an old friend that I have re-connected with because she can't email at work. It's so easy to be in touch with the kid when she's going to stay after school or inbetween classes if she needs to tell me something. I feel grateful that I can still keep up with technology and not get lost. Grumpy thinks that someday all phones will have to be smart phones but I feel there are more people like us that want a good basic phone that also has a few nice features without a lot of extra cost. I'd say they're going to be around awhile. N hpfly I wl b 2.


bill said…
It's a good looking phone and as long as it does what you want it to do, it'll be a good phone.
Grumpy said…
I forgot to tell you, NEVER go to the Verizon store. They will tell you that you must wait to upgrade and they'll charge you more than anybody.

I went to Target and paid $29.95 on the phone Verizon wanted $99.00 for, and I upgraded before my due date when Verizon told me they wouldn't do it.

I love having a phone that lets me check my email and I've checked Facebook once in awhile.
Mr. Shife said…
Awesome. You guys are the best geeky dorks ever. I can't even imagine what I am going to have to know technology wise when my kids are older. You are an inspiration. Have a great weekend.
bill said…
Almost you guys persuade me to get a phone. Actually I've got two old phones but no contracts. I do sometime check email and Facebook on my iPod but it's a hassle with my big fingers and slow going.

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