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My Cold Weather Best Friends

When the cold weather hits, my best friends come out. Put to bed since last Spring, it's now time for them to do their job. Their only job is to keep me warm. They live to service me and I don't freeze at night because of them. We need each other.

These may look like disgusting old bags full of.....who knows? But to me, they are beautiful. Scraps of fabric sewed and then filled with rice or beans (I prefer rice), and heated in the microwave, keep me toasty warm.

Even when I wasn't a basement dweller, my rice packs were a must in the winter time. I used to only use one at my feet but sometimes my body would be cold, so now I'm a two bagger. One wraps around my feet and I lie the other one next to me. Within 15 minutes I can push them aside, unless I wake up cold during the night and then pull them near again. Kind of sounds like a hubby substitute, doesn't it? Everyone in our family uses them too though; and my daughter will heat hers up as soon as she gets home fr…

Post Turkey

Our Thanksgiving went great! With a lot of help from my husband and daughter we pulled off a fine dinner. Our son's girlfriend made a couple of side dishes as well as two desserts. And he even bought the turkey.

She was on a diet so didn't really eat much, but she did have one request; that she get a whole turkey leg to herself. I'm dieting too but on Thanksgiving? No, I eat what I want and then go right back on program the next day. Funny thing is, I lost a pound that morning; the one I've been waiting on for a whole month. So I'm sure it will be awhile before I see it again.
We really like this girlfriend. The last one he had a few years ago, and had kicked him out, was also Asian. And guess who called this one by the old one's name? Yes, that would be hubby. Even after we talked several times on how embarrassing it would be to confuse the two names, and he went and did it.

Hubby's ex is kind of funny. Ever since she got sick, she's been on some kind …

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Every Thanksgiving I cook for a small group of our family; usually us three, my husbands's ex, and one son. That's enough for me, I don't like big gatherings. Our house is too small and I don't like a lot of people in the kitchen trying to 'help'.

We've been doing it that way for probably 12 years now. Occasionally the ex and son couldn't make it but most of the time they do. The son now has a girlfriend (from out of town) and we didn't think he would come, because as with most couples, you have to share the holidays with the other family. So my husband asked him a few weeks ago if they would be with her family. He said no, and looked at me and asked "What are you doing for Thanksgiving?", in a way I knew that he was asking if they could come for dinner.

She is Chinese and he explained that her father was back in China and her mother never cooked a Thanksgiving dinner. Therefore she has never had a true traditional Thanksgiving meal. Twent…

The Perils of Weight Loss

Between my husband and myself, we have lost about 95 pounds. I'm way ahead of him though, just had to say that.

That's great and all but nobody really told me about the downfalls of losing weight. For one, the expense of new clothes. There are only a few items in my closet that I had a year ago. I've given away so many bags of clothes and still have some in piles waiting. I don't mind shopping at thrift stores, which I have more the past year than ever before, but it would be nice to be able to buy a new outfit now and then. Right now it doesn't make much sense because every few months I needed more clothes. So I guess until I reach my final goal, thrift store clothes will have to do.

Along with needing new clothing; something you might not even consider, is needing new underwear. My grannie bloomers have become much more roomy and baggy. I had to break down and buy some hipsters to go with the new jeans that I'm now sporting. My bloomers came up way above the …

Banging My Head Against The Wall

I thought y'all would be interested in some of the fascinating conversations my husband and I have and maybe you will understand my ongoing frustration. This started yesterday when I looked out at the thermometer outside. It was reading 4 degrees lower than what the weatherman on TV said. The temperature is important to me because I won't take Nellie out for a walk if it's below 20 degrees. So if it's reading 18, I don't go. Just a weird little thing about me, I don't like my face to freeze off and I don't wear hats because it messes up my hair.

Anyway.....I made the mistake of mentioning this to my husband. He said our thermometer was right because the station was located in a warmer area. What the Hell does that mean, it's like 10 blocks away. I suggested that he take another thermometer outside and leave it overnight and we'd compare the two.

This morning, the present one reads 18 and the TV said 20. He goes out to look at the cheap plastic kitt…

Pets, Part 2


I didn't have any more pets until I had graduated and left home. I lived in an apartment and a friend of mine had a new batch of kittens. Well, she didn't have them, her cat did. The mama cat was black and two of the kittens were a Siamese mix. Did you know that black cats were of Siamese descent? I took one and another friend took the other. For a few nights I had both of them, oh what fun! Kittens climbing curtains and running all over the place. I named mine Lucifer and she was as wild as her name. I guess I really didn't like the name after awhile so I changed it to Zig Zag. Partly because she was still wild and crazy and also because that's the brand of papers I used to roll my doobies, ha. Seriously!

Once when she was in her wild stage my parents were in a bad auto accident. My dad was in the hospital and my mom was home with broken ribs. I took the wild one with me back home to stay awhile. That crazy cat was crawling all over the shelving and my…

Pets, Part 1

A few days ago I commented on a post of Fern's and mentioned a cat I used to have. That made me think back to all the pets I've ever had. I can't really say I've had a lot and some I don't remember because I was too young.

I only know Kippy through pictures and she had to stay behind when we moved when I was only three. She looks sweet though. One of the first few pets I remember was a little frog. We probably got it as a polliwog and it didn't last long. I buried it under a bush and unearthed it several times  just to see if it went to Heaven. I was only about 5, so give me a break ;-)

The age I acquired pets is questionable but we had a few cats along the way. I'm not sure how we got them but when my dad didn't want them anymore he would either dump them, or kill them. More on the last part later. We had one cat and instead of trying to find it a home, he took it out in the country and left it at a friends' house, as a mouser I guess. Well, it fo…

Some Days

Some days are just like this. I woke up with pain in my hip and stomach.  I just knew that it would be one of those days. My entire day is gauged by the mood I'm in when I wake up; I guess somewhat like a toddler. I was cold and had no ambition. I didn't do anything constructive I had planned on.

So it was a day for:
Aimless grocery shoppingListening to sad songs and cryingEating chocolateDrinking teaSitting in  my chair with my heating pad onTutored hubby on how to make breadMaking holiday return address labelsNot walking the dog or exercising at allKeeping curtains shut to hold out the cold and drearinessEating canned soup for dinner and a piece of homemade breadTaking a bath and crying some more Yep, some days are just like this.

But tomorrow's another day, and hopefully it will be better, because I don't like days like this....

Next Blog

For those of us that use Blogger for our blogs, do you ever click on 'next blog' on the top when you're bored and looking for something different to read? If I recall, that's how Claire found me!

Well I do sometimes and what I usually get is groups of subjects, either a long string of foreign blogs, mommy/baby/family blogs, Christian, cooking, photography, or a total mish mosh of all of those in one.  It just doesn't seem that random to me, grouping them together like that and some haven't been updated in well over a year.

I've never really found anything as interesting as all of yours or my own. And those that kept my interest and I've commented on a few times,  never reciprocated with a visit, so I moved on. I guess I've had better luck at following those who follow your blogs. I mean, if they like your blog, then it stands to reason that you like theirs and I probably would too.

So maybe I'll start exploring friends of friends to get some new…