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I Moved

When my husband and I were younger and visited his older Aunt and Uncle, we noticed that they slept in separate bedrooms so in order for us to sleep in a bedroom, additional juggling was required. I thought it was odd that they slept apart and wondered why a couple would do that.

Now that we're older but not quite as old as they were, I understand. Just Sunday in the paper was an article about couples that do what they can to get a good night's sleep. Devices were suggested for snorers. Two twin mattresses were suggested for those that wiggle around too much in their sleep. Softer alarm clocks can be used for those that get up so much earlier than their spouse. One couple had a very unique solution to their problem. He likes a firm surface to sleep on so he sleeps on the floor and this wife and kids sleep in the bed. That way they can all be together but still get what each of them needs; sleep.
I guess I just said to heck with all of that and moved myself to the basement. I li…

Big Pant Crafts

My daughter and I had made a fleece back-seat car organizer for my new Grandson (her nephew) for Christmas. It took hours beyond the 2 that the pattern said it would take. It seems like the first project you make is always the most difficult.

I decided to try again, but didn't want to use fleece. I went through my drawers and found some jeans that I had either grown out of, or shorts that I knew by summer would be too big. After I took rough measurements of the pants I started cutting them up. I had just enough to finish my project and now it's hanging in the back of my van. We've outgrown the need for something to put small toys in but I'm sure we'll fill it somehow.


Our local Curves has joined up with Zumba and brought us a combination of both. The usual Curves circut consists of alternating weight training on different machines with recovery boards, spending 30 seconds at each spot. With Zumba added to it, weight training now lasts a minute and instead of the recovery boards we dance for a minute.

The pace and music is fast and mostly Latin but I hear other International influences too. You don't really get a chance to learn the moves, you just have to jump in and move. I'm moving parts that haven't been moved in a long time and I admit I'm very good at looking like an Uncoordinated Dork. But as I look around I'm not the only one. I guess it doesn't matter as long as we're moving. I read that you can burn up to 500 calories in a half-hour session. Tonight was only my second class and it was much easier than the first one last week. And I know that I would not have even attempted this 30 pounds ago so that feels very g…

Mad Dog Owner VS The Italian

My husband and I usually take our dog for a walk in the morning. Since time is limited, it's usually a short walk on one of two regular routes. As we approached a cross-street we saw another couple walking their dog too. We usually try and hang back to let the other dog pass, not really knowing how a different dog is going to react. Then we noticed that the dog was not on a leash. The man tried to keep it in check with verbal warnings but all of a sudden it started running toward us at full speed.

The man yelled "He's OK."

I really hate it when a dog is running at you growling and the dumb ass owner says "He's OK." That is the stupidest thing to say and I may even be guilty of saying it myself when Nellie got away from me. When she was younger my daughter and I took her to the school's football field to let her run. She was young and knew I couldn't run in the snow and she took off after another dog--on the other side of the field. So as I reac…

A Little Slice of Life

We have a feature in our newspaper called "The Slice". It's my favorite part of the paper. Paul writes about the funny things that go on in town and he encourages people to write in. Even though he has no kids of his own, he loves stories about them. I've been sending little stories in since our daughter was small and he's even talked to her a few times on the phone for help with bigger stories. These are the ones I've written over the years, all in his words except not using her name (or mine).
Once when her daughter was about 18 months old, Kden saw red coming from the little girl’s nose. “I thought her nose was bleeding,” she wrote.

So she grabbed a tissue and attended to the child. “I proceeded to pull three or four strands of beets out of each nostril. I never knew so much stuff could fit up one tiny little nose,” said Kden.
Kid Stuff: "I knew my 3-year-old daughter had watched way too much of 'Lady and the Tram…

Am I The Only One?

When the Super Bowl comes around every year I feel like the only one that isn't in the exclusive club. I don't like football and really don't care for sports in general. I like to watch a live hockey game now and then but that's about it. Oh, I do like the Summer and Winter Olympics, a lot.

I think it all stems from growing up with a father that spent his entire Sunday glued to the TV watching football. With only 3 channels to choose from and all of them showing football, we were trapped. No TV's in our own room, no computers, ipods or cell phones. You either watched, or you were exiled to your room. Even if he fell asleep, if we even got close to the TV to turn the channel he would wake up and yell. So I grew up hating it.

It's treated like a full fledged holiday, with weeks of commercials about the food you should serve and the brand of beer you should drink. Just another excuse for over indulgence. My husband will be going to his son's house and he's…

Passing It On

I don't think I'll be needing this sentiment for the rest of this winter so I'd like to pass it along to the Midwest and Northeast States. This was taken in good ol' Spokaloo in November when we had our first storm, and it went viral soon after. The street department said it was caused by snow jammed in the fixture. Truthfully I think the sign just feels the same way we do and wanted to prove it. So I dedicate this to everyone still dealing with snow and hope that Punxsutawney Phil was right this morning.