Ugh. This word sums up how I feel today. Why I agreed to work today I'll never know. It was OK I guess but I much rather would have stayed home.

I didn't enjoy having Christmas on a weekend because it just seemed like an extra busy weekend with no rest after. And after eating my way through the entire weekend, my scale was not very kind to me this morning. I had honestly done pretty well up until Saturday morning until a neighbor brought by a plate of goodies. With that and the excitement of Christmas Eve, I started eating and really didn't stop until late last night. So I was up 4 lbs. in two days. Really scale, this is your gift to me? My pants are tight and I feel bloppy (A name hubby and I made up for when we eat too much).

It's OK, I'll be able to knock it down in a short amount of time and it just reminds me that I don't want to eat like that anymore.


I'm feeling better tonight after a stint on the treadmill. As the week goes on I'll feel energetic again weekend and the New Year's Eve Pig Out. Staying up too late again and eating more than I should again.

As I get older these types of holidays take more out of me. I can see why old people just stay home and let the younger people do all the work; they're damn tired!

Well at least I've got 363 days to recuperate.


This is about the only picture that was taken Christmas Eve. That's another thing I've noticed, once the little ones grow up, picture taking goes by the wayside. This is my mom and brothers. The one closest to me is three years younger and the other one is six years older. Mom looks pretty bad but the one where she looks better didn't have my older brother in it. So I told her we had to pick him over how she looked. She blamed it on White Zin Syndrome. Maybe I'll have to use that as an excuse next year.


You all look just fine to me. Happy New Year.
bill said…
I think we've lost a couple of pounds if we go by the picture. You look like a normal family.
fernvalley01 said…
I always feel bloated and ick by boxing day , I think part of it is we are so busy eating and visiting , and all the goodies , we froget to drink plain old water on those days , so it all feels like it has turned to cememt

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