Pretty Much The Way I Called It

OK, I know my last post was a little harsh, but it was only from past experiences that I based it on. The day started off good but ended pretty much like I knew it would.

They showed up at 10:00 and after visiting awhile we headed out to a buffet. I forgot how 'busy' a toddler can be. Our place is small and between him and the dog, things got knocked off tables and almost had a tree down. He seemed fascinated with Nellie so he would approach her and then when she would turn to respond to his attention he would run and knock all sorts of things down. Then hubby would yell at the dog, like it was her fault. I think Nellie was very happy that we left for awhile.

Brunch was nice, the place wasn't busy and we could sit and relax and visit. I think the boy eats more than our 16 year old daughter does! About 12:30 he started getting restless so they headed back to their motel room for a nap. We came home and took our 'baby' for a walk.

They were going to call after naptime but by 4:00 the boy had still not gone to sleep so we had to forgo the plans to get together later. Sigh....

Maybe today or tomorrow they said, but today is almost over. Tomorrow we have several things going on so it really wouldn't work. And Wednesday they're heading out of town to her folks'.

So a three hour visit is supposed to suffice until next year. Being a Grandma just isn't what I had hoped it would be.
He may not know who I am but he knows where his nose is ;-)


bill said…
Well it's all part of a grueling trip till they get to her mother's place, then the trip is over. They worked you in but were generous. You did get three hours. That beat's thirty minutes. Maybe they meant well.
bill said…
I don't know the post I wrote earlier is true. I shouldn't have said that. I expect they were trying to work everybody in and they were probably tired. Maybe we expect too much some times.

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