Mysterious Pain is a REAL Pain!

A couple of weeks ago I woke up with a stomach ache of some sort. I just took some Pepto and seemed to be better by evening. By the next day though I felt some fluttering and discomfort in my bladder and the following day the pain was more intense and into my back too.

Now, what would one think under those circumstances? Bladder infection? Me too. By the Monday before Thanksgiving, I was in agony but sucked it up and went to work, while taking loads of Advil. That just happened to be the day I saved the life of the woman I work for so I guess it was a good thing I went. OK, maybe I didn't actually save her life, but it did involve a 911 call and a night in the hospital.

Tuesday wasn't so bad but Wednesday was worse than any other day. I made some frantic calls that morning to my clinic and made arrangements to stop in to do the obligatory 'pee in a cup' thing for testing. I went to work and had planned to stay for the whole day but told her I had to leave early for an appointment. I normally would have waited another day but felt a little panicky with the next day being a holiday.

I rushed down and the office didn't seem that busy but I had to inquire twice about my lab appointment. Finally got in and then waited for results. I was happy that I'd get some antibiotics and be on my way to WELL. When the lab tech called me back, while standing in the hall, she said the test was negative. I did what any normal middle aged woman would do; I started crying. can't be negative, I'm in pain, it hurts here and here. Oh God, how embarrassing. She suggested that I see if anyone has an opening. It was now 3:15 and I'd been there since 1:45. I inquired and one doctor had an opening at 3:30. I'm not crazy about doctors, but desperate. I'd rather see a Nurse Practitioner because their fee is cheaper and they know more (in my opinion).

When he came in he had me lie back and move my legs around, he tapped my belly and my back and didn't get the reaction he should have with a bladder infection. He pondered and thought about kidney stones, and went on and on about what it could be but probably isn't. So in essence I left in the same condition I came in 2 hours before, with no drugs or diagnosis. I was so mad I walked right past the cashier without making a payment. They know where to find me.

Watch out family, a crabby stressed out Mommy is coming home. I was so far behind with Thanksgiving preparation, I was a wild woman in the kitchen. Thankfully hubby and the kid really helped out. After that I took some more Advil and lied on the bed in a fetal position and cried. I went to bed uptight hoping I could get through the next day.

But believe it or not I felt pretty good when I woke up, or at least better. I walked around tentatively and took more Advil waiting for the pain to return. As the day progressed, I felt better and within another day all of the pain was completely gone.

Huh? How does that work? What goes on within a body to bring about so much pain and then to have it magically disappear? Hubby thought it might have been a pinched nerve in my back affecting those areas. He's pretty smart in that area so I have no reason to doubt him at this point. Plus I had no fever at all to back up my own self diagnosis. So for now it's gone and hopefully for good.


Grumpy said…
If only all medical problems resolved themselves that way. Hope it's the last of that.
bill said…
I've had pain I didn't know the cause of that went away overnight or the next day but none that lasted that long. I usually drink cranberry juice
or try one of our home remedies, or call my daughter, who is a nurse-educator. I'm glad yours went away.
fernvalley01 said…
Ouch! and damn! seems to me they might have at least tried to give you some relief rather than lark about telling you what it wasn't!
Peruby said…
After the couple of weeks I had I am about at my wits end with mysterious pain episodes also.

I can't move one day without consuming three Advil, the next day I can hobble around with minimum effort.


I hope yours does not come back.

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