How's The Weather?

Like much of the U.S. we have been virtually without snow this winter. Sure the ski resorts are hurting, but golf courses are opening. Independent snow plow business are hurting but think how much cities are saving for not having to plow.

All this week it's been in the mid 40's with wind and rain. Today we got a break and it felt very springlike.
My daughter and I took Nellie for a walk in the park. We like to take her off leash so she can run if she feels inclined. These days it's more like a slow trot.

Daughter even took a turn on the swing like she used to when she was younger. We reminisced about how she had to learn how to pump her legs to get higher. Once she got the hang of it, we couldn't get her off of them.

As long as it's snowing in the mountains we should be OK this summer. And more than likely we'll get slammed next winter. That's just the nature of Mother Nature; you take what you get. Living in the Pacific Northwest you more than likely better like the snow because you're going to see a lot of it. But that doesn't mean that we don't like a break now and then. It appears to be running about 50-50 for those that like/hate this winter.

I'm one that likes it. Me and Nellie both, because that means that she gets more walks.
 Of course she looks away at the last minute, checking out a dog
across the field


Grumpy said…
Every day like this one is one less we have to worry about shoveling snow and sliding around in traffic.
fernvalley01 said…
it looks grubby and brown here , but after last winters snow and cold I am not complaining
bill said…
We don't get much snow so we don't shovel snow. We walk in whatever we get, track it everywhere. Supposed to be near 70 tomorrow so we won't worry.

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