Some Days

Some days are just like this. I woke up with pain in my hip and stomach.  I just knew that it would be one of those days. My entire day is gauged by the mood I'm in when I wake up; I guess somewhat like a toddler. I was cold and had no ambition. I didn't do anything constructive I had planned on.

So it was a day for:
  • Aimless grocery shopping
  • Listening to sad songs and crying
  • Eating chocolate
  • Drinking tea
  • Sitting in  my chair with my heating pad on
  • Tutored hubby on how to make bread
  • Making holiday return address labels
  • Not walking the dog or exercising at all
  • Keeping curtains shut to hold out the cold and dreariness
  • Eating canned soup for dinner and a piece of homemade bread
  • Taking a bath and crying some more
Yep, some days are just like this.

But tomorrow's another day, and hopefully it will be better, because I don't like days like this....


fernvalley01 said…
Awe hugs ! I had a tummy ache all day today too I feel for ya! Hope tomorrow is a better day
bill said…
Good morning, Sunshine. When You're like this, nine times out of ten, things can only get better. I wish you a day much improved and a better tomorrow.
Grumpy said…
Other than the crying, that's not such a bad day. Cuddle with Nellie; you'll feel better.
D. Duplessis said…
Oh boy, making holiday return address labels makes me cry each and every time! Have more chocolate...that always helps! Hope you're having a better day today!!
kden said…
Bill, I don't think anyone has ever called me Sunshine. Thanks!! I'm better today, just needed some down time I guess. Don't really like the down part but it's just part of life sometimes.
Mr. Shife said…
I hate those kind of days. Hope that tomorrow was indeed better, and you are having a great weekend. Take care.

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