Post Turkey

Our Thanksgiving went great! With a lot of help from my husband and daughter we pulled off a fine dinner. Our son's girlfriend made a couple of side dishes as well as two desserts. And he even bought the turkey.

She was on a diet so didn't really eat much, but she did have one request; that she get a whole turkey leg to herself. I'm dieting too but on Thanksgiving? No, I eat what I want and then go right back on program the next day. Funny thing is, I lost a pound that morning; the one I've been waiting on for a whole month. So I'm sure it will be awhile before I see it again.
Daughter, Son, and Girlfriend
We really like this girlfriend. The last one he had a few years ago, and had kicked him out, was also Asian. And guess who called this one by the old one's name? Yes, that would be hubby. Even after we talked several times on how embarrassing it would be to confuse the two names, and he went and did it.

Hubby's ex is kind of funny. Ever since she got sick, she's been on some kind of medication which... well how can I explain this? It makes her very impulsive and just says whatever she's thinking. We were all eating dessert and a commercial came on for Dulcolax. She said "That's what I need." We all about choked on our pie. We've always got along fine and this sounds strange, but I almost like her personality more now. She's witty, more relaxed, and not afraid to say what's on her mind. She also said I looked skinny so that's another reason to like her ;-) I'm glad she could come, I don't think she gets out unless her son takes her to church or an occasional meal. I'm already looking forward for all of us getting together for Christmas.
Daughter, Hubby, and Me!
Thanksgiving is a day full of family, friends, fun, and food. It gives us time to relax and enjoy the gifts we have been given in life. I hope you all had a day just like it.


bill said…
I'm glad you pulled off another successful holiday. I guess it's good you all interact well together and get along. Sounds unusual to me... and I started to say, not the norm but then realized there is no norm. Lots of work involved, glad you survived.
fernvalley01 said…
Sounds like a great day. and hubby's ex is right !gonna have to start calling you Slim!
kden said…
I agree Bill, definately not the norm. But right, what's normal anyway?
Claire King said…
Glad you had a nice time. Like the site changes.
Grumpy said…
Looks like a good time was had by all. Great picture of the three of you.
Seems like you all had a good time. I called my wife by someone else's name once. No wait! It was her. She called me Roger. I'm still traumatised to this day. :-)

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