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For those of us that use Blogger for our blogs, do you ever click on 'next blog' on the top when you're bored and looking for something different to read? If I recall, that's how Claire found me!

Well I do sometimes and what I usually get is groups of subjects, either a long string of foreign blogs, mommy/baby/family blogs, Christian, cooking, photography, or a total mish mosh of all of those in one.  It just doesn't seem that random to me, grouping them together like that and some haven't been updated in well over a year.

I've never really found anything as interesting as all of yours or my own. And those that kept my interest and I've commented on a few times,  never reciprocated with a visit, so I moved on. I guess I've had better luck at following those who follow your blogs. I mean, if they like your blog, then it stands to reason that you like theirs and I probably would too.

So maybe I'll start exploring friends of friends to get some new reading material and maybe some new friends too.

I gave up my author's status at Alexandria. The atmosphere just wasn't the same as here; not like the happy little family we have. Rarely anyone commented on my posts and I just never felt like I really fit in. I'm glad I tried it and I felt bad for quitting but I have to do and be what makes me happy.


Peruby said…
I have done both. I have also gone to my profile to find bloggers who have similar interests as mine. Such as favorite music (I found a lot of great bloggers who like Neil Diamond).
bill said…
What a great straight forward blog to wake up to. Yes I have hit 'next blog' to see what kind of blogs exist and what people are talking about. And as you suggest, nothing ever so interesting as our group.
Grumpy said…
I've used "next blog" and as you guys, didn't find much of interest.
fernvalley01 said…
I agree, the bloggers that follow one another are more likely to have similar tastes commonalitie. Sure glad I found yours !
I have hit next blog, but it is as you say. I rarely find anything inspiring. Sometimes I check out other people who have made comments, and take it from there.
Mr. Shife said…
I have not done the next blog thing. I always felt satisfied with the group of people I have connected with blogging, and every so often someone awesome like you makes a comment. Then a blogging relationship is formed. Good luck finding some new blogs to read. Take care.
Claire King said…
Yes, kden, that is how I found you when I first started my blog 5/2010. Then, I followed some of your friends, and apparently, a couple of your friends followed me. Thanks bill and grumpy.

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