Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Every Thanksgiving I cook for a small group of our family; usually us three, my husbands's ex, and one son. That's enough for me, I don't like big gatherings. Our house is too small and I don't like a lot of people in the kitchen trying to 'help'.

We've been doing it that way for probably 12 years now. Occasionally the ex and son couldn't make it but most of the time they do. The son now has a girlfriend (from out of town) and we didn't think he would come, because as with most couples, you have to share the holidays with the other family. So my husband asked him a few weeks ago if they would be with her family. He said no, and looked at me and asked "What are you doing for Thanksgiving?", in a way I knew that he was asking if they could come for dinner.

She is Chinese and he explained that her father was back in China and her mother never cooked a Thanksgiving dinner. Therefore she has never had a true traditional Thanksgiving meal. Twenty-eight years old and she has never had the pleasure of the most fattening, rich, meal all smothered in gravy and then topping it all off with pumpkin pie. Really?

I'm honored and thrilled that he would like to bring her here, that means a lot to me. His mom has been ill for several years and she doesn't even microwave anything for herself anymore, let alone cook. And bless her, but even when she could cook, it wasn't the best. As I did Thanksgiving, she used to have us over Christmas day for dinner. But now that has kind of been handed over to the son too.

So I'm looking forward to it, adding another plate at our table of misfits that don't have anywhere else to go.


D. Duplessis said…
Family holiday's, especially Thanksgiving is a time for misfits and extra plates around the table. On a side note, can you believe this? My daughters 20 year old boyfriend...never TRIED pumpkin pie until last week??? He's a born and bred is that possible??

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, kden! I hope you all have a wonderful time.

fernvalley01 said…
can I come too? Sounds like it will be a lovely family gathering
kden said…
I'd be honored Fern. I think it's cool how we're often sitting in front of the computer at the same time!

And you too David. Bring on the pie! Honestly, I'm not that crazy about Pumpkin pie, once a year is good enough for me.
fernvalley01 said…
Something about great minds think alike!
bill said…
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Claire King said…
I am glad you are looking forward to the holiday. I must say, you are a bigger person than I by having your hubby's ex sit at your table. Boy, I don't see that happening for me...ever! Or he at my table again. But, bless you for being so good. I am mean. LOL!! But, I am used to mismatched situations at a holiday table. I have served many a friend of my kids' over the years who had no where else to go.
I wish I lived near you kden.
Is that beautiful animal your dog?
kden said…
Sure, ya'll come! Wouldn't that be fun! Yes John, that is my dog Nellie; she just turned 11 this fall.

Claire, we've always been friendly and she was so happy when we had our daughter. I think she always wanted a girl. She treated Faith very well so I have to respect and like her as a person for that.
Nezzy said…
Oh darlin' you are quite the awesome woman openin' your home to this 'misfit' family. Your heart is big!

Here's wishin' ya'll a wonderfully blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving. Enjoy!!!

BTW: When ya get a chance...pop on over...I'm havin' a giveaway!!!
bill said…
What comes to mind... is brave heart.
Happy Thanksgiving.
FishHawk said…
"Feel Like Complaining" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.
Adullamite said…
It attracted one Fishy.

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