Banging My Head Against The Wall

I thought y'all would be interested in some of the fascinating conversations my husband and I have and maybe you will understand my ongoing frustration. This started yesterday when I looked out at the thermometer outside. It was reading 4 degrees lower than what the weatherman on TV said. The temperature is important to me because I won't take Nellie out for a walk if it's below 20 degrees. So if it's reading 18, I don't go. Just a weird little thing about me, I don't like my face to freeze off and I don't wear hats because it messes up my hair.

Anyway.....I made the mistake of mentioning this to my husband. He said our thermometer was right because the station was located in a warmer area. What the Hell does that mean, it's like 10 blocks away. I suggested that he take another thermometer outside and leave it overnight and we'd compare the two.

This morning, the present one reads 18 and the TV said 20. He goes out to look at the cheap plastic kitty one and he rushes in and said:

"The other one is reading 5 degrees, so THAT'S the right one."

Me: "You're an idiot if you believe that."

Him: "There are pockets of warmer areas, I'm going to call Mark (the weatherman) and ask him if that's possible."

Me: "Oh My God, are you serious, please do; no DON'T, then he will know you're an idiot too."

Him: "I still think it's 5 degrees out."

Me: "There is no way it's only 5 degrees out, there's too much of a difference from what the TV says. It is a cheap, plastic, kitty; probably not meant to be an outdoor thermometer. You are an idiot, please don't talk to me about weather again, for the rest of my life, you are an IDIOT."

So now I'm curious and go outside to look at it. He saw it as 5? I read it as 40. I take it in to him and said "You were reading the Celsius side, not the Fahrenheit side!"

Him: "Huh? Oh I didn't see that side."

Me: "Really, ya think? So now that it reads 40, IT must be the correct temp because now WE'RE in the warm pocket."

Him: "Well, it is a cheap plastic kitty you know."

Now, it's only 8:30 a.m. and I have been driven completely insane.


Grumpy said…
The TV station is likely to be located in an area with surrounding buildings blocking the wind and cold, therefor warmer than at your house during non-daylight hours. Hubby wins!
bill said…
Couples sometimes argue about the most inane things and whether one is right or not is really of little import. If it's 18 or 20 outside you need to dress for cold weather. It's what couples do. Remember the tale of the scorpion hitching a ride across the river on the back of a turtle. The turtle only agreed to carry the scorpion across if he promised not to sting him. Just before reaching the opposite bank the scorpion stung the turtle and in his dying breath the turtle asked, "Why'd you sting me?"

The scorpion replied, "I'm a scorpion, that's what I do."

If you're going out when its cold, wear a scarf over your head and around your neck and wear a jacket.

Or, you might asked the dog if he wants to go.
kden said…
Yes, that was his reasoning, which may be true. But the rest of the conversation was pure idiocy so he does NOT win.
kden said…
Bill, you are now designated as my therapist. And Nellie always wants to go, that's the problem.
Grace said…
ROFLMAO...Oh I know whereof you speak...
Adullamite said…
I sympathise with your husband. I can see he has a hard life ahead of him....
kden said…
Ha funny Adullamite, I've had a rough past 28 years WITH him ;-)
Paula said…
I just stumbled on your blog and read this post. This sounds like conversations at our house!

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