Someone Called Me A Name

The other day when I took my lady to her standing appointment at the hairdresser, one of the other stylists called me a name.

I was shocked and couldn't believe someone would say that to me. It has been probably been 43 years since I've been called that. I said "who me" and looked around thinking she had got me confused with someone else. I didn't even really know this woman and have only said 'hi' to her over the past year. Did she know me that well to call me that?

What could she have said to get me so flummoxed? She called me skinny. Yes, the lady who with intermittent bouts of thin-ness, has been overweight most of her life. The last time any one referred to me as skinny is when maybe at the age of 10 or so, my older brother was quite the photographer. He took this shot of me on my bike and aptly titled it.
I never said he could spell

No one has ever referred to me as that since (especially in my family). Now, I'm far from skinny and I'm far from being done with my weight loss journey but it was nice for someone to call me that. I do agree that even at my current weight I'm in the best shape I've ever been in. My mom even noticed my leg muscles the other day. She said she had noticed before, but forgot to mention it. So I gave her a little leg flex, just for fun. Do you want to see it? Sure you do.
grotesquely attractive
This is one taunting name I can live with.


Grumpy said…
Now you're just showing off. Seriously, nice job; you should be proud of yourself.
bill said…
Congratulations. It's nice to be recognized for something you work hard at achieving. And a little showing off don't hurt nothing. Hope you can keep on peeling off them pounds.

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