Local Icons Burn

Facebook can be a good thing sometimes. If you subscribe to local news stations you get breaking news a lot quicker than waiting for the next newscast. Last Sunday evening I saw reports that two local landmarks were on fire, not too far from our house. Of course in the beginning, updates are conflicting. First it was a car that hit a pole, and then a house and finally the real scoop.

Both the Milk Bottle restaurant and Ferguson's Cafe were engulfed in flames. This picture was lifted from the newspaper Monday morning.
The Milk Bottle was built in 1933 and literally shaped like a giant milk bottle. They made burgers, shakes and had the best homemade ice cream. We were only there once, years ago and had bubble gum ice cream. Expecting a bubble gum flavored ice cream but instead it had real bubble gum in it. Interesting. The damage to the Milk Bottle wasn't as heavy as Ferguson's and both say they plan to reopen.
I drove by Monday morning, stopped and walked down the block to take some pictures. I felt kind of like a voyeur peeking into someones despair but others were milling around so I moved closer.
I had never been to Ferguson's at all, what a shame. We had always planned to... It' been around for many years and has had three movies filmed in it; Vision Quest (the movie I was an extra in), Benny and Joon and Why Would I Lie?
Ferguson's had closed in 2009, then sold to another person and renovated. He had done much of the work himself and had been open for less than a year.
Even though these businesses resided in a small little area of town, it's a vibrant part of our community and people are anxiously waiting for their return. And this time I promise I will go.


fernvalley01 said…
sad to see the damage, but at least they will be able to rebuild
Grumpy said…
Landmarks like those are the heart of every community. I hope they rebuild both.
bill said…
I'll bet they do rebuild, if they were viable in the first place. Generally speaking it is small shops like this that give an area character.
D. Duplessis said…
Dang...not The Milk Bottle! I saw that featured on a TV show on the Travel Channel a little while ago...what a cool looking place it was! I sure hope both places will be able to rebuild.
kden said…
I missed that one Dave. See, that's how famous we are!
kden said…
Oooops, sorry Dave, I meant DAVID.

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