Little Man From My Garden

I pulled this little fella from my garden last week. He's my peg-legged man with a crooked weenie.
And look, he's even got a butt crack.
And then I cooked and ate him!


D. Duplessis said…
Too bad you couldn't have taken the little guy to a "Fair" or might've won a prize for "rudest vegetable" or something.
Grumpy said…
That should have gone on Ebay.
bill said…
We're not so advanced as to have a vegetable garden. We go to farmers market, unless we grew something in a tub. I suppose that was a carrot? That's quite a piece of driftwood in your picture. I'd like to send a winch truck down there and deliver that driftwood to my yard.
kden said…
Yep Bill, that's a carrot. And that is a nice piece of driftwood. That was taken in LaPush, Washington. I often have thoughts of getting a truck and hauling big pieces home too.
Peruby said…
Oh no, no, no, no! I would have had hours of fun with this. He would have fit nicely in my purse and I would have shown everybody, probably embarrassing my daughter in the process.

I would not dare show it to my sisters because they would try to grab it off of me and then we would have had a tug of war and the poor little thing...well, I'd hate to say what might have happened to him.
kden said…
Peruby, I wish you didn't live so far away; you sound like a lot of fun!!!
Tam said…
Oh My! Thanks for sharing that was great and made me laugh. I needed that today!
You are funny.
I thought the same as Bill about that piece of driftwood.
Mr. Shife said…
The carrot looks great, and it looks like he went well with the meal. Glad you stopped by my blog. My wife is from WA and we love going to the farm to visit Kyle's grandma and grandpa. Hope to see you around, and have a great weekend.
Peruby said…
yeah.. first we would make him a little skirt and have him flash people. Can you imagine doing this in the car going down the road?

Man.. the possibilities are endless!

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