The Kid Makes The Grade

This year we had to plan our vacation around 'retake' days in case our daughter had to retake her state mandated tests. Those days fell right at the same time we usually take our vacation and she would have to be around 'just in case'.

Since she took the Reading and Writing part this Spring, we knew by June whether she had passed or not. She achieved Level 4-Advanced. She also took the Science exam this Spring and didn't fare as well, only a Level 2-Basic. But.....the cool part is that Science is not required to be passing to graduate. In two years it will be, but not now.

Toward the end of this past year's school she had to take a End-Of-Course Exam in Geometry. We got her a tutor because she struggled all year and we could most certainly see a 'retake' in her future.

But yesterday we got a letter announcing all the scores as well as Math, and she passed that too with a Level 4-Advanced. Whoo Hoo, the kid made it! We did cheat a little and found her score on line last week but wanted to see it on paper to believe it.

When the letter came I was at work and of course hubby opened it and didn't even pay attention to the good scores. He focused on the Science and freaked out. He calls me and leaves a message in his quaky little voice saying that he was hiding the letter because he didn't want her to see it 'cause she would be devastated. That's old news man, we knew it, you knew it. You just forgot, again. So he thinks that she has to retake the Science test and he's mad at the school district because "they expect everyone to be scientists".

Uh....has nothing to do with the school district, it's a State Requirement, which means the district is just doing their job.

So the kid and I are doing the happy dance because she's done with state testing and hubby is still confused and I'm just going to leave him that way.

Now, she just has to concentrate on her Senior Culminating Project which they start this year. So far she is leaning toward doing her project on Ancestry and building her family tree. I think we have plenty of nuts in that tree to keep it interesting, starting with her Father.


Grumpy said…
Great for her; you and she should be proud. However, I find it a concern that passing the science portion isn't required. We as a nation seem to require less and less of our kids as other countries pass us by.
fernvalley01 said…
congrats to her for passing , what a relief!
kden said…
Grumpy, it will be required in two years as well as having to pass TWO math end of course tests. It takes time to implement tests.

And maybe soon, as Obama is trying to do, each state will have it's own standards and not be bound by 'no child left behind'.

I agree with you but these tests are very stressful to a student. Along with their other curriculum, they take weeks and weeks to just prep for the tests. The State testing starts in forth grade and I'm just glad they're over.
But I sympathise with hubby, I had no idea what was going on when my son George took his 'O' levels. He did great though. I know this because his Mum told me.
Claire King said…
Whew hew!! Good for your daughter. I know what a relief it is to see your child succeed.
Tam said…
Congrats for HER! Great post! HMM the state testing is a sore subject here in Georgia! HMMM
D. Duplessis said…
Good for her! Did you tell her that when she goes to college, she'll have to retake all of those classes again? :-) scares me to death that each state could possibly have their own "standards". I live in the South as you know, and folks around here probably can't spell 'standards', let alone implement good ones.

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