Unrest In The 'Hood

I've been pretty tired for a couple of days. I think it's allergies but I sure don't know why it makes you so tired. Anyway I was looking forward to a good night's sleep so was in my cave by 10:00. I only put one ear plug in, and figured that would be enough.

I think I went out fast but was soon awakened by my dog barking upstairs. She will grumble or give a little woof if someone walks by, but this was full-out barking. I could hear the Mastodon walking around quickly and then the kitchen light went on. "Uh oh", I thought, "This can't be good."

By the time I got upstairs, hubby was already at the door and I could hear kids talking, it was 11:45 pm. They were holding our phone and had called their dad to see if he was home. He had left his two 10 year old kids at home and took the older one out driving around looking for a stolen mountain bike. I have heard that their mother is in jail so no one else was home. The kids heard their own dog barking and then a man yelling at the dog. Then they heard footsteps and a drawer opening in the kitchen (where the knives are, as the kid put it). The kids ran out of the house and hid in some bushes, and when the lights and TV turned off, they ran to our house.

They thought by then maybe their dad had returned so that's why they were calling him. I said we better call the police instead. So I talked to the dispatcher for awhile and then turned the phone over to the kids so they could talk to her. She talked to me again and asked if they could hang out for awhile and I agreed. But she never said that the police were on the way so I didn't know if we were talking a sleep over or not.

About that time, the dad drove by so the kids yelled out that someone was in the house and he went home and then when all was clear the kids left. We figured that was it and shut the door and I was headed back downstairs.

The doorbell rings again, dog barks again and hubby heads for the door....again. Then the front porch light goes off and hubby goes, "what the hell???" When he opened the door, the cops are standing there and said they undid the light bulb because they never know what they're getting into. Well OK, but it would be nice to see who's at your door too. We had to explain that the disturbance wasn't at our house but another house. By then the kids saw them and came running and they all went off in the direction of their house.

Our daughter was awake but too afraid to come out so after everyone left, she came out and watched some TV with hubby and I headed back downstairs. It took me awhile to get back to sleep, along with the rest of the household.

Today I kind of wondered if the dad of the kids would stop by and thank us for watching over them while he was out playing bounty hunter, but nope I guess it's just another day in his life. Well it certainly isn't a day in my life so now I'm hoping that maybe tonight my sleep will come....


bill said…
The world is full of strange goings on. Glad that's all it was. Another night, so get some sleep.
So now you see what happens when you only use one ear plug.
Peruby said…
Scary! If I go to open my door and the porch light goes out - I would be petrified. Don't the cops know not many folks are going to open their door if they can't see who is there? That is kind of a silly thing for the cops to do if you ask me.
ethelmaepotter! said…
You think maybe it's time to move to a new 'hood?

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