I've been wanting to write about this for awhile but was embarrassed. Most of you know that I'm GaGa for Deadliest Catch and all of the lovely Captains of the Bering Sea. My family and I have seen different Captains at book signings, grocery stores, Walmart, etc.

This summer Capt's John and Andy Hillstrand and Sig Hanson were doing their own Captain's Tours, not affiliated with Discovery. When I saw they were coming to town I got tickets for hubby, daughter and I. We got good seats but not the premium seats which included a private meet and greet after the show. But at $75.00 I wasn't going to spend as much as Elton John tickets cost. I mean I love them, but they're not worth the same as Elton. That's a ticket price you have to earn.

I had seen clips here and there and sort of knew what to expect. I had a feeling that it would be an OK show, but not as great as a personal book signing tour. But we were still excited to go and joined the other few thousand in attendance.

It was quite scripted with the show hosted by a local radio personality. She was asking questions from a piece of paper so it wasn't exactly spontaneous. I've heard the answers so many times before I could have have answered them myself verbatim. Some of the conversation was quite spontaneous but few and far between. John was very hung over and the F word was flying like crazy. I'm not exactly a prude and have said my fair share of the word myself but it was a bit much. And there was no one there to bleep it out like on the show.

They were supposed to have 'never seen before' clips, they weren't outstanding though. One highlight was a very nice tribute to Capt. Phil, it did bring a tear to my eye. Andy sang his tribute song about Phil too, it still gets to me. Another highlight was when Sig called Jake Anderson on his cell phone and asked the audience to say hi and then he comes walking out from the back. And then John yells out, "where's my kid" and his son Scotty comes strolling up from the back. Those three parts were the best part of the show.

They did some goofy skit, timing people to put on survival suits. I've seen that before too on different shows. Some t-shirts were thrown out, but we didn't snag any and I wasn't going to put out another $25.00 for an autographed one.

OK, so I admit, I was a sucker to fall for it. I know at least one of you are saying 'coulda told ya so'. It just seems like they are so big now that it's more of a production than an appearance. I'm curious how the meet and greet went. It was advertised that they would meet everyone no matter how long it took. I had read on FB that someone was complaining that all it was, was a more intimate Q & A, no autographs or pictures. I guess it's our own fault though. We made Stars out of Fishermen and what were they supposed to do with it? They're no dummies, we are. They're going to make money with their little circus shows.

If we had some pictures, it might have been worth it. Oh I didn't tell you about the pics yet, did I? I didn't take my camera but daughter did. I seemed to have the better view even with the Snookie Bump hairstyle 2 seats in front of me. I took loads of pics, even of the screen when they were talking about Phil. I got Jake and Scotty and singing Andy. My daughter is usually good about locking her shots before deleting ones she doesn't want. But for some reason she didn't lock them and did a 'delete all' and poof they were gone. All of them, in an instant. She looked sick, I felt sick and a little mad at first. But I could hardly talk after ruining my camera. Mistakes happen.

So now we have no proof that we went to a show that we really didn't like all that well anyway.


bill said…
You don't need proof. You're quite believable.
bill said…
Post Script... I like your picture and I know that bird. It's Jonathon Livingston Seagull. In fact while I was reading your blog I waved at him and he waved back. I don't know if he recognized me.Just wanted you to know we have a friend in common.
fernvalley01 said…
Too bad ,but at least you got to go. Better than staying home and thinking you were misisng something I guess
kden said…
Or it could be a kite Bill ;-)

So true Fern, I would totally be doing that.
Peruby said…
Amazing. I had no idea they toured. My daughter and I watched a bit one season about two years ago.
Grumpy said…
As the crowds grow, the shows are bound to become less personal. You'll always have the pictures in your head.
I Wonder Wye said…
Now you can say be there done that - didn't want the is strange...who would've thought sea fishermen would be a catch all their own??

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