Stolen, Stolen Again, Found, and Returned

A few days before we left on vacation my family and I took Nellie for a walk. Our usual route takes us past the football field and track which is under a complete renovation so we just have to walk on by. Sometimes I like to walk on the track, let Nellie run so I can pick up some speed and let her sniff to her heart's content.

As we walked by we saw a kid's football behind a tree. Attached to it was a note. In essence the note writer was apologizing for taking the football although there was no indication as to when this happened. The write said he had 'found Jesus' and wanted to return the ball and added 15 bucks too.

Hmmmm, nice I thought, but knew it wouldn't be there for long and the original ball owner would never see it, it would get stolen again.

Sure enough, when we got home from our walk, we saw three young teen boys walking our way. I could see one holding the ball, one reading the note and I'm sure they had the money. I told my husband to mess with them so he starts yelling, "Did you take that football?" and so forth. They started running. Teenagers suck.

Maybe the note writer feels better about doing what he did but did he really think that the ball and money would get back to the original owner? I think it was pretty stupid on his part. I would rather pay it forward and do a kind deed to someone else, it sits better in the heart.

I got that chance the next day to do that. I came home from work and as I pulled into the other end of the alley, the end I never go in, I saw a blue messenger-type bag sitting by a pole. Thinking maybe someone had left it at a bus stop I didn't pick it up. It was still there a few hours later when daughter and I drove by so we picked it up. I realize it could have been something dangerous, like a bomb or something, that's why I had daughter grab it, ha.

We took it home and started snooping looking through the bag to find the owner. Since we were leaving early in the morning I didn't want this thing sitting around. I finally found a name and cell # on some papers so I gave him a call. He worked nearby at a medical supply business and his car had been broken into that afternoon. The thief's probably thought there was a computer in the bag because that's all that was stolen. There was a library book and many papers including a yahoo mail account with password, all right there for anyone to take advantage of.

He came by and picked up the bag later that evening and as he looked through it he found a thumb drive which he explained had over 5 years of documents on it. There were also papers with his SS# on them. It seems nothing was taken from it and he was very grateful. He tried to offer me a little something but I said no, I'm just glad it fell into the right hands to get it returned back to him. He called me his guardian angel and told me good Karma would return to me.

So I think that's the way it should work. If you do something at an earlier time you're not too proud of and you can't always make it up to that particular person, pay it forward and do something nice for someone else. You'll make their day and give them faith in humanity again.


fernvalley01 said…
good point! Nice that your gesture of kindess and goood faith was appreciated
Given my less than perfect background, I always now live by the thought that it is nice to help others.
ethelmaepotter! said…
"That best portion of a good man's life: His little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love."

Nice, But I always knew that about you, anyway.
Pay it forward is a wonderful idea.
bill said…
Good story with good outcome and as they say in Australia, gook on you.
Claire King said…
I agree and believe in karma.
Tom said…
cause and effect ....

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