Quick.....Shut The Door

When we went on vacation I had our mail held as usual, with them to deliver on a specific date upon our return. That day I saw the mailman coming up the walk so I went out to meet him, only because he was carrying a lot and I knew it wouldn't all fit in our slot.

He introduced himself as our new carrier and said we would now be getting our mail in the morning instead of the afternoon. Then he proceeded to tell me that if I came out to meet him again, to make sure that the inside door was closed so my dog wouldn't break down the screen door to attack him. Huh? Sure she barks but has never been really interested in the carriers that much to run through a screen door to eat them.

A few days ago he delivered as usual but included mail from a few blocks away. This happens occasionally and if it's close by, like a neighbor I just take it over. But this was several blocks away plus in the mail were cards that were not supposed to be delivered. They were complaint cards meant only for the carriers eyes from other customers who had mail mis-delivered in some way. They were supposed to turn them in at the end of each shift. I waited for him to return to his truck and took the cards as well as the other mail. When I got to the truck he swung the door open and yelled "What did I do now?"

As I think back I should not have said this but I did anyway. I said "Well, this mail was mis-delivered which makes me wonder where my mail's going." It's true but I guess it didn't make him any more friendly toward me.

"It doesn't work that way", he yelled. "There was many packets of this same type and I just grabbed too many, that's all, accident's happen!"

He stomped off to deliver them and I slunk home. On Monday of this week, we didn't get any mail. Mmmmm, is that what they do when you're a trouble maker? Today in our mail was a little card from USPS saying that our mail had been curtailed due to 'your main house door was open'. Huh? They will not even deliver to an entire neighborhood if there is a loose dog in the area.

We have an aging dog that sleeps all day long and only raises her head up to bark when the mail arrives. She doesn't come toward the door or act aggressively toward them in any way. If I am ever in the yard with her and see the mail truck coming I put her in the back yard. But from now on he will not deliver if our inner door is open, you know, like most people like to do to cool their house off. We've had several carriers over the 12 years we've lived here and not one has ever complained. I really think it depends on the carrier, or maybe it's a citywide implementation. It will be interesting to hear of anyone else has received them either in the neighborhood or city.

I wasn't home when it came but hubby saw it and got plenty PO'd. He confronted him and he basically told him to take it up with his supervisor like the 600 other people he gave them to today. I realize we're not being singled out and carriers do get bitten. But it's just his overall attitude that has set the pace for my annoyance.

Hubby said he would go to the post office to complain about it, but we'll see. He's like an arm chair complainer. He grumbles a lot but doesn't ever leave the chair to do anything about it. But I won't do it, I'm tired of being the crabby one.

So now, we'll have to be on lookout and when we see his truck, we'll SLAM our door shut to protect him from our evil dog. Hey what about cats? I've seen many mean cats in my day. And those wily ferrets, never did trust them. I have a friend with an African Grey Parrot that can imitate any sound known to man. What if the mail carrier walks up and said bird starts his best gunfire imitation. I bet they'd never get mail again.

I guess it's just the way things are in an ever changing world, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.


bill said…
We have gone through this experience with postmen, one who could deliver accurately down the even numbered side of the street, but when he started back up the odd side, he seldom got three or four houses right. He even delivered us mail our neighbors had put on the box to pay their bills. He was super afraid of our loving dog.We all complained. They transferred him, put a lady carrier on the route. She liked dogs, got along with everybody's dogs. No shut doors when she came around.
sue said…
And Doug could do it too! Probably would if he had half a chance. That did happen to us a long time ago when we still had younger, peppy dogs. I'm sure it was a different carrier, but when I opened the door to take the mail, he backed way out of the carport and said he wouldn't deliver our mail if our door wasn't shut. Made me wish I did have dogs that would bite.
fernvalley01 said…
guy sounds like an a$$. But maybe he has met a few grumpy folks and is on the defensive
Peruby said…
Yep, my neighbor has said pretty much the same. For some strange reason the mailman does not mind my dogs.

I have a sister that delivered mail door to door and she was knocked over by a German Shepherd. It can be terrifying I guess, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

Mary ♥ Mur said…

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Grumpy said…
We have a 12 inch long parrot that is more likely to take a chunk out of you than the dog. Go to your branch and complain. I wouldn't think it behooves them to piss off the few customers they still have.
D. Duplessis said…
I've still got the scars on three of the fingers on my right hand from when I was attacked by a dog for simply trying to deliver a newspaper ( was all of 14). I stopped delivery service immediately, especially when the owners looked at me all stitched up and bandaged, never once said "sorry" but just said..."Well, he just doesn't like paper boys" and then they laughed. Seriously. So I kinda get where USPS is coming from. But your postal carrier still sounds sorta jerky.

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