Matters Of The Heart.....and Mouth

Mmmmmmm, which story should I begin with? They both involve pain of some sort so I guess it doesn't matter.

I'll start with my daughter's love life, she ought to love that. She has a long distance boyfriend. I suppose not the best scenario but that's how it turned out. They knew each other in grade school and then 7th grade. He moved to California soon after. He used to leave love notes on her desk in 6th grade and she had no idea who was doing it but he just confessed recently. Anyway they've been texting and Skyping on occasion and are in love. Ahhhhhhhh.

His family was heading up this way to a family reunion and he was making plans to see her. He invited her to the reunion, without asking I guess so that didn't work out. Friends could come for one day but the drive was just too far to come home and then go back and get her, about 6 hours travel time. So that didn't work out. Since he and his sister didn't get to see any friends, their Mom said that they would stay around an extra week and they could see friends on Monday and Tuesday. They were in an area that didn't have phone coverage so she wasn't able to hear from him.

Monday was her 16th birthday and she was so excited at the chance to finally see him after all this time. But no call came. Tuesday afternoon he finally texted her and said they were in town at a pizza place but they couldn't get together. His step-dad decided he wanted to go home early and wouldn't let the kids see any of their friends. They even drove right by the house. Right by the house, and this jerk of a step-dad wouldn't give him 5 minutes to give her the birthday presents he had bought for her. I was so pissed. I don't even think they are aware of the relationship because he said his mother would freak out because he's not allowed to date. Well, I wouldn't technically call what they're doing as dating but still he hasn't told her.

I just think it's sad and I had to deal with a crying daughter although they are back to texting and she seems fine. I don't know where the relationship will end up but for now she's really happy and he seems like a nice kid. I do hope they can get together sometime, they may be back up in the fall. I just hope we don't all have to go through this again. It's hard on Mommy's too.

OK, now on to pain in the literal sense. The kid got her braces on today. Three days after her 16th BD and 2 days before her party. It's a good excuse to have a milkshake for lunch though. It was a smooth appointment today though and I think the spacers caused her more pain than the actual braces. But yet it's only been a few hours.
In 6 months or so she will have a Herbst appliance put in to correct an overbite. And then in time lower braces will go on. It will be about a 3 year process in all. Braces weren't all the prevalent when I was younger. I think my dentist recommended that I get them but never did. My brothers and I have the tell tale family 'fangs'. Mine are a bit crooked though so braces would have been a good idea. But even back then I suppose they were too expensive for my family.

Torturous Herbst!
My daughter's entire expense will run about 5,800.00 and I'm so grateful that her State insurance will cover them. They go by a certain point system on the severity of the teeth and I guess hers made the cut. Not sure if that's good or bad. It could all change at our next re-certification though. If we are making too much money then the balance will be ours. So I guess whatever will be, will be.

Time will march on, with love and even braces. In a few years time things will look different, on both fronts. I know her teeth will look great and I hope she gets to see the boy she loves or at least know that she's lovable and can move on.


Claire King said…
Cauught up on some reading of my favorite folks. Nice postings. You are so charming!
Peruby said…
Oh, yeah! I remember the tears and the angst. My daughter is 20 now and seems to take things a bit more in stride. Beau issues, that is. But back in the teens - wow! The tears. You are so right. It IS hard on Mom's too.

You can retaliate when somebody physically hurts your child but there is not a darn thing you can do when they break their heart.

We also went through the retainer stage. Didn't need the braces, but so worth it in the long run. So worth it. There will be some aching but it does get better with time.

Good luck and it will probably get worse before it gets better (relationships) - but it is all a learning experience that we all have to go through.
Grumpy said…
How can the kid's stepfather be such an asshhole?

The braces are a worthwhile investment; you and she will be glad you did it.
kden said…
Charming? Claire, I don't think I've ever heard myself described in that way, but you just made my day!!!
fernvalley01 said…
Sweet and melancholy times , the days of first love/like! Sigh .

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