Limo Partaaayy!

Since our daughter just turned 16 we wanted her party to be really special. And this will also be the last one we will ever throw for her so it had to be memorable. My husband who usually doesn't have the brightest ideas came up with this one and I've got to say that he topped himself.

Let's just say that he has connections. He works with privately owned air strips by the main city airport. One place in particular has a small bistro above the office and also has a limo used mosty to drive ritzy clients around. Hubby approached the airfield owner and bistro owner and asked if they could arrange a nice BD celebration. We didn't tell her first because we weren't sure if it was going to happen. But plans came together so we did tell her. The limo is not an ultra stretch but still holds 8 comfortably. She lined up the friends she wanted to invite as well as a few back-ups just in case a few couldn't make it. Summer BD's are difficult because people are on vacation and very busy in general. But all 7 of them said they would be there.

We had the girls meet us by the high school and they all looked so pretty. The limo pulled up and headed out for their first jaunt of the night. He was going to have them back at the bistro for dinner about 7:15 pm. Hubby and I just went straight to the bistro and I admit I wish I was with the girls. They ran a little late but he stopped downtown at one of the nicest hotels in town which has been refurbished. They all ran in and took some pictures. He was really good about taking their pictures too. Then they headed south and made their way to some our area's beautiful parks, more pictures taken.

Dinner was salad, pasta and bread. I tried to move them along quickly with dinner, cake and presents so they could have more time in the limo after dinner. We watched the sunset out the window and it was such a beautiful night. The driver also works at the airstrip so he showed them  inside a jet before they took off; more pictures of course. We cleaned up as they drove off into the night and again I wish I was with them.

They headed south again to the top of a bluff to get a great view of the city. He got lost first though and had to back the big limo down a street with the girls guiding him. By 10:00 pm they were back at the school. I wish we had started an hour earlier, they would have gotten more limo time. The drivers usually take about a 100.00 dollar tip but he only took 40.00. He said he had so much fun with them and that was all he wanted. They wouldn't even let us pay for the gas. I guess it pays to have connections.

Limo Beauties, mine is in grey

At the Swanky Motel
Duncan Gardens
Is there room for me???

On The Bluff
They all had such a wonderful time and I'm glad we could do it for her. The top she's wearing is probably the best gift I've ever given her too. I bought if from Ebay and it's an authenticated piece of wardrobe from the TV show, 'Friday Night Lights'. It was wardrobe for the character Becky (the bad girl who loved Riggins). I had her open it first at the party and when she finally figured out what it was, two of the girls said at the same time, "I wish my parents would do that!!!" It warmed my heart ♥

Saturday we're heading out on vacation, YEA! Back to the Oregon coast of course but a different place. We're staying in Rockaway Beach which is close to the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Even though I'll have my old camera I'll try to do nightly updates on my photo blog, so stop on by and see what I'm up to. I might even allow someone to take pictures of me this year since I'm lookin' all hot ya know.


Your daughter and her friends will remember this experience forever.
bill said…
What a brilliant idea! You have upped your ratings both with your daughter and her friends. It's something they will all remember for years to come, if not forever. Congrats to you and your husband. Cheers.
Grumpy said…
Wonderful birthday gift. And let's not forget who thought of it and had the connections.
fernvalley01 said…
What a wonderful party! Yay for dad! and you ! She must have been thrilled
D. Duplessis said…
What a great gift, Bill is right when he says it's something they'll all remember for years to come. What wonderful and generous parents she has!
ethelmaepotter! said…
WOW!!!! That's one for the record books. Paris Hilton, eat your heart out!

Beautiful daughter and entire group of girls - you have much to be proud of.

(By the way, your last post - the obit - is HILARIOUS - makes me wish I had known the guy - I've seen a few good ones in my day, but never one like that!)
Claire King said…
Nice! Great pics too. Yo guys are good parents. No matter what anybody else says:):)

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