It's Hard Coming Home

I'm sure you've all felt it, the letdown of coming home from vacation. Especially as Monday looms, the worse I feel. My husband gets to face working doubles as the other driver goes on his vacation. At least it's not 10 hr shifts anymore but it still messes with your sleep clock.

After we pulled into the garage we unloaded quickly so hubby could go pick up our dog. Car--dead. He takes his and brings a tired dog home who spent all day yesterday sleeping. She didn't even care that we weren't interested in going for a walk. She looks perkier today though. We jumped the car and got it to the shop. We really thought it was the alternator because it's been making grinding noises for quite some time. A mechanic said a bearing was going out and it could last for another day or another year. We thought that day had come. But it was only the battery which still had some warranty left so it wasn't too bad of a ka-ching.

We actually came home with money this year. Well, we always do but it was more than usual. We got such a good deal on our room so that helped.

Did I follow my diet on this trip??? Hell No. I had good intentions. I told hubby that whatever we eat, we can share; that lasted one night. I ate my way through the Oregon coast; fried food, fudge, carbs galore. I only gained 2 lbs and hubby 1. We got A LOT of walking in though, miles and miles, so that helped. So today, it's back on the plan and I'm kind of looking forward to it. It's nice to let loose once in awhile but you start to feel sick after awhile. And it felt good to get back to Zumba yesterday, I was feeling kind of squishy.

We had a neighbor girl water our yard, flowers and vegi's. I guess we can't expect too much from someone who has a brown yard, but it would be nice to come home to vegi's that aren't croaking. She texted my daughter and said there were a few cucumbers that needed to be picked. We said she could have them if she wanted. They don't like cucumbers. When we got home it was the zucchini she was looking at. That's sad when someone doesn't know the difference, guess they don't like zucchini either. The first thing I do is start pouring water on them so all the weeks of babying them along will not be in vain.

I see we have new neighbors kitty-corner from us. The previous renters were kicked out I believe. It was part of the family we had trouble with a few years ago with the underage drinkers. These people were quiet but the yard had just turned to crap. The elderly woman who used to live there would go out daily, sit on an overturned bucket and pull weeds. She would be so sad to see it now. The new family apparently has two dogs and 2-3 little kids, oh joy. The night we got home I could see the dogs tied up in the backyard and barking of course. I was in a mood I guess (when aren't I) and walked over to the sidewalk. I could see the little girls looking out the window as it was dark. They ran out, which was frightening enough to have such little ones going outside to talk to a total stranger. I asked if her mother was at home but she said that she would be back soon and their babysitter was there. I told her I wasn't going to listen to those dogs barking, so here this little girl no more than 5, apologizing and saying that the dogs would go in as soon as their mother got home. Then the babysitter came out, another little girl, no more than 9. Seriously? I already don't like the parents, to leave several little girls alone playing out in the dark. Yesterday I saw that the dogs were put out about 10:00 am, tied to something. They were there until late afternoon, by then in the full sun. Their lead is short and they were trying to squish up to the house as the shade disappeared. They did have water so what can I do? I really do hate being so sensitive and worrying about little dogs and children so much it keeps me awake at night.

We had a good time but the general consensus is not as good as the 2 prior years. We kind of grade our vacations; slightly weird I know. At least it didn't rain on us but temps never got above 70 and two days were so windy, it felt like 40. But Wifi and dvd's kept us plenty entertained.

Since I know you have all seen my photos on PictorialSoul, (what, you haven't???) I won't bore you with too many more. This one was taken about 6:00 am as we were leaving. We always stop by Mel's bench to say goodbye to Haystack Rock. As my hubby would say, it's tradition.

Mel was the owner of some cottages just to the right of the shot. They were old and dated but we loved them. Just five steps to the beach, heavenly. You could call and say "Hi Mel, this is Kden from Spokane", and he would start talking and asking how the family was. He didn't even want a credit card to hold the room, he was that kind of guy. He passed away several years ago and we miss him. His cabins have been replaced by rich homes that no one can afford.

I wouldn't mind taking this route another time, when we're not pressed for time. Twelve and-a-half hours in the car with an Italian and a Teenager is enough.

So now it's back to reality; city traffic and noise, a job that almost brings me to tears, and school starting soon. A year until our next vacation seems soooo very far away.


bill said…
I always dreaded coming off a good vacation and having go straight to work the next day. A couple of days rest is needed first.

I don't have a dog. My last dog died I said that's it, no more. But I can't stand to see dogs mistreated in that way. It's a shame.

While you were frolicking in the sun on your favorite beach, I am still in the throes of a massive heat dome(101-110 daily). But while you were there, I lost three pounds.

Don't be too hard on those kids for not know which is which, cucumbers or what's you call it, zucchini. I didn't know what zucchini was until I was forty. I didn't eat green veges until after I married. You wrote a good blog; I feel I've been somewhere.

Sorry your job is such a drag. Put on something you feel good in and your smiley face, and just dig in.

Bye now.
fernvalley01 said…
I always enjoy a holiday, but I sure love to come home.Too bad about the neihgbor and dogs sounds like arecipe for a wreck
Grumpy said…
Cheer up, at least you have jobs.
kden said…
Is that just another way to tell me to quit bitchin' Grumpy?
kden said…
Have you looked at the title of my blog lately?

I will if you will. All happy thoughts and posts from now on, bet I'd win.
What is a vacation? What does a zuchini look like? What is a job?
Hope the blues disappear soon. :-)
Claire King said…
Just getting away is suppose to brighten your attitude for your return to reality.:):) Nice pictures, very admirable, actually. I think you are a kind soul, but isn't it nice to have blogger friends care and vent with? Lordy knows I do my share of whining. blah blah blah....Be well.
Another day trip hubby or teenager? Me & you?
Grumpy said…
You would. That's why they call me Grumpy.
D. Duplessis said…
Nice blog! Sounds like you had a wonderful time...and yeah, it always sucks to come back from a vacation, doesn't it? I'm now going to try and not think too hard about why someone couldn't tell the difference between a cucumber and a zucchini.

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