Ear Plugs--A Wonderful Invention

I have become quite dependent on my ear plugs. Two years ago I bought my first package while on vacation. My husband snores and it' not a whole lot of fun to be trapped in a room with a snoring bear. It's different at home, I could always leave the room. So we're walking in this little grocery store in Manzanita and I see them hanging in the aisle. I snatched them up and enjoyed the whole week in silent bliss.

I used them off and on until I ran out. My Walmart didn't carry the same exact kind so I had to buy a girly pink package which although had a higher dB rating, they didn't work as well. Even though I'm a basement dweller I still use them during the week. Since I go to bed at ten, I usually get woken up when hubby gets home at 11:00 ish. He sounds like a Mastodon tromping through the house and then has to run water and the hot water tank sits about 3 feet from my bed in a closet. So you get the picture. I pop my ear plugs in and sleep like a baby.

One night on vacation they worked a little too well. The manager's room, just two doors down from us was broken into and the guy almost landed right on their bed. There was lots of yelling and chasing going on and I didn't hear any of it. Hubby told me in the morning that he heard sounds like cupboards slamming and yelling and figured it was a couple fighting. Of course the next night I didn't sleep well because I was nervous about  the guy coming back so I didn't use them.

Before we came home we went back to the same little store and I found them again, and bought two boxes this time. The lady at the counter said "Uh oh, someone snores". I laughed and told her I had to come all this way just to buy more.

So there they sit, tucked under my pillow, waiting for me to return tonight. Mmmmm, sounds like a bit more than a little dependence doesn't it?


bill said…
I don't know, whatever works. I never wore earplugs except in the military at Ft. Lewis on the firing range and in Korea, after a night's patrol. Those wore nothing special, some Japanese brand I picked up in Japan.I've also stuffed cotton in my ears but that's less effective.
Peruby said…
I can't seem to find an earplug that is comfortable. Maybe I'll look for that brand.
kden said…
Peruby, there are so many different kinds, even with this brand. I always find them so long which makes them uncomfortable to lie on. So I cut about 1/4 inch off the outer end and it helps a lot. The girly pink ones aren't bad, more cushy and softer, they just didn't block the noise like the greenish ones.
Wish I had some earplugs the night I went to listen to a band. A loud band! I haven't been right since.
Grumpy said…
Thanks for the info. I don't know why, but this solution never occurred to me.
kden said…
Really Grumpy? I'm surprised. I guess it's my job to make sure you get a good night's rest. Still taking the sleepy pills (I mean allergy meds)?

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