Google Earth

Before my computer had to be wiped clean I had installed the Google Earth Plug-In. It was fun to look around different areas of the world but it was still limited. So after my computer got a fresh start, I decided to download the whole program. Oh Man, I love it!

I can go anywhere and see anything. I go to places I've been and places I want to go. The reality of it is amazing and I love to put the little man right down in the street view. Not all locations will do this but many will. I've gone through the Rolodex looking up people's addresses and finding where relatives live even though we've never been there. It kind of makes you feel closer to those that you don't see very often.

Another cool feature is that people can upload their travel photos to Panoramio and then submit them to be added to Google Earth. And as you're flying around the world you can see little photos to view. I decided to try my hand at getting some on this little earth of ours. So far, out of the 19 I have submitted, 18 were chosen. In reading about submissions it said that photos are only chosen once a week and it could take up to 3 weeks to even be considered.  I must have caught them on a good day. After I initially uploaded them I got to looking around at others and almost considered taking them down. There are some magnificent photos out there. So I'm not trying to let it go to my head now that mine have been chosen because as I continue to look around there are some not so stellar shots out there too. So if you want to look at mine you can go here. They are the most recent, since last year's vacation so you have probably seem most of them. If I want to add any more from years past I'll have to dig around in my archives. Just another thing to keep me busy I guess.

As I'm sitting here writing, this Asian woman pulls up, gets out of her car with a camera on a tripod. She takes a few pics of the school across the street, then turns the camera on my Day Lillies. Very odd on a Sunday morning.

An update on my camera. The repairman called and said the water damage was worse than he thought. He cleaned the sensor but couldn't clean the zoom and to order a new one would be more than the camera was worth. In other words he was telling me that my camera was a cheap POC and don't bother. So he won't charge me for what he did and I'll pick it up next week. That means either a defective camera or an old camera will be going on vacation with me. Sigh. And although my laptop is now doing great my desktop downstairs will now not dial up for me. It gets to a certain point and and then freezes up the entire computer so I have to do a forced shut down. I think it has something to do with the latest McAfee update (big surprise here) so may have to call out my new computer dude to look at it. But that and any hopes of a new camera will just have to wait. In other words Ka Ching, which seems to be my life recently.


bill said…
Dang! and Congratulations!
I'll give you the Dang first. It's a bummer to find out your camera is not repairable up to the last zenith. A complete, total, devastating, disappointment. Makes for a bad day or wore all by its self. Let's hope the computer is more cooperative.

Now for the Congratulations. Your pictures will blend superbly into Google Earth. In fact some of them probably just what Google Earth is looking for. And congrats for using Google Earth. You is living on the edge.
Grumpy said…
I've gotten a kick out of looking up people's homes on Street View. It's a cheap kind of thrill.
I daren't look at google earth any more. My computer freezes up.
ethelmaepotter! said…
I love it, too, but I had no idea you could submit your own pics! And by the way, yours are amazing! I mean it!!!!!

Sorry about your camera. I thought I had ruined my lens the other day...didn't know the lens cap had fallen off hours earlier, and I was just carrying it around carelessly, stuffing it into my bag...stupid stuff. Thank goodness, just a little wipe with a microfiber cloth took away what I thought were horrid scratches.

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