Friend Reunion

Today my family and I were invited to an old friend's house for a 4th of July get together. Not really a BBQ but still plenty of food and a pool to dip our toes into.

This was a friend I have not seen for 15 years, due to an argument we had and then I didn't want to reconcile even though she tried. I know I wrote about this last summer but can't find it and don't want to waste time looking for the post.

We had emailed a few times last summer because I had connected with a friend of hers on Facebook and told her I wanted to apologize for being such a dope all those years ago. After I emailed her my apology she said it wasn't necessary, but it was for me. But with her having an exchange student for the entire school year, we just didn't get together.

So I accepted the invitation and arrived by 1:00. She has a daughter not much older than mine so I was hoping they could have a chance to get to know one another. My daughter was excited too.

I like gatherings that are smaller, always have. This one wasn't huge but there were more people than I thought there would be. It was good to see my friend and almost seemed like no time had passed at all. But since she was busy in the kitchen we really didn't have much time to chat. Her daughter was busy with other friends so hubby, daughter and I just kind of hung out by ourselves on one side of the pool in the shade.

I knew some of the people in attendance but not that well, mostly just from our younger party days. Her mom and sister were there too so we had some small talk. We got in the pool after awhile and enjoyed that which gave us more time to chat. Hubby was a little uncomfortable though, so asked if we could leave after that.

I'd like to see her again some day, maybe in another more intimate setting where we can actually chat. We used to be pretty close and I miss her.

I didn't get a chance to take a picture today so these old ones will have to suffice.

She'd die if she knew I was showing this picture
Happy New Year!!
Getting ready for night out


Grumpy said…
I hate being in those kind of awkward social situations. I'm like your husband, can't wait to leave.

Look who was a party animal once upon a time.
Claire King said…
Glad you made an effort to reconnect. It will be noted by her, I am sure. Having a simple lunch or something next, will e easier. Good for you.
kden said…
Yea Grumpy, Once Upon A Time.
ethelmaepotter! said…
I came here late last night to catch up, read all the posts I've missed, and commented on each one. I have no idea what happened - I just kept getting that annoying Blogger message "Error so and so."

So now I'm making this short and sweet - sorry your big reunion didn't pan out the way you had hoped. I hate that kind of situation, too. And what's with the big 80's hair?!

Kudos to the kid for not wanting to make that gesture!

Poor Biscuit - even Spooky commiserated with him. (She left a very long, detailed comment.) My words of advice to Biscuit - whenever you make your escape, always go the Nice Ladies first.

And that Medicare nightmare? OH MY. I had no idea. I am currently dealing with a Medicaid nightmare, being named the representative of my sister for nursing home care under Medicaid, and it's no fun at all. I guess the only way we can avoid the Medicare nightmare is to die before we reach that I'll take the nightmare, thank you.

(Hey, my verification word is regular, everyday, English language word! How weird is THAT?)
I find it a lot easier to mingle at parties now that I'm old and decrepit, and couldn't care less what people think of me. :-)
fernvalley01 said…
A pair of cuties you were. MAybe the first visit in a social setting was good, but it would be much nicer I agree to just visit one on one

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