Do ya ever have those days when everything just seems like crap? The day didn't start out that way but it seemed like as soon as I got off work it went quickly downhill.

First, my camera didn't seem to go through the river ordeal quite as unscathed as I thought it had. It still works but right in the middle of the picture there is a dark circle and it's blurry in the middle of it. You can see it in the last photos I've taken. I cleaned the outside lens but of course that didn't fix it. I took it to a camera repair shop yesterday and called this afternoon for the estimate. To clean the sensor and clean the entire camera to get it in good working order--$98.00 Cha Ching!

I thought it was in good working order other than the circle. So I thought about it for awhile and tried to call him back but he's already gone for the weekend. I understand about cleaning the sensor but it's less than a year old, I really don't think it needs a good cleaning otherwise. You don't realize how few camera repair shops there are until you need one and they are all a good 15 miles away. Grrrrr.

Then my husband's car is in need of repair, not just a few spark plugs and an oil change but a pretty long list of stuff that we've been putting off. It's a crappy piece of junk but he still needs to get to and from work so it's something that needs to be done--to the tune of around $700.00 Cha Ching! And this is a guy that charges about half the rate of shops because he's mobile.

My husband gets a phone call from the company that will be handling his medical care through Medicare. We were told to expect a call about a survey on our experience with the agent that came to our home. When he got to the end the guy started talking about co-payments and premiums. Without having the papers in front of him, my husband said he wasn't sure about how much the co-payment was but then he asked me about the premium. I said it was zero but the guy was saying that we'd be getting a monthly bill for a premium. I could see hubby getting hot  under his Italian collar and after he hung up, he immediately called the agent. That's his job, so he'll get on it and see what's up.

Then there was one more thing regarding a payment that we thought we would be getting until August but found out that it's being cut one month short. Basically another Cha Ching!

Really? All this on a Friday in about an hour's worth of time? I should have just stayed at work.

Must be time for popcorn somewhere.


bill said…
When it rains it pours and I can tell you got them rainy day blues.I've had em myself.
fernvalley01 said…
It all seems to come at once doesn't it ? I would look on ebay for a camera, you can get some screamin deals ,on realy good new cameras for what you are paying to repair it
Grumpy said…
I get it; jut when I think I have extra cash, along comes a bill I didn't expect.
ethelmaepotter! said…
Oh yeah, life is crap sometimes. I've had my share lately, too. Hang in there!
D. Duplessis said…
Damn. All of that in an hour? Did you loose a bet with God?

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