Another Reunion

It seems like this summer is full of reunions, birthday parties and gatherings of some sort. Yesterday I went to a class reunion on beautiful Lake Coeur D' Alene in Idaho. It's the same place we had our S.L.U.T.S. party last year.

Our town is small so although we have an alumni party every year, only a few years of graduation are honored. And since this year was not one of our years, we decided to have our own party for our 35th. Lodging was offered at a nearby Casino but I couldn't quite swing that this year so just decided to come home last night. That meant no drinking, but that's OK I guess, I feel better this morning because of it. But of course when I got there the hostess asked if I was staying at her house. Grrrrr, a little planning people, I would have if I had been invited.

Anyway I hit the road about 8:45 that morning and it was a beautiful drive. I stopped at the last little town before the lake to call the fam to let them know I was almost there. I spotted this old truck across the street so had to run across to get a shot of it. There was another one behind it that I wish I had seen earlier but I had to keep moving.

When I arrived about 10:30 the only ones that were there were the ones that have been there for a few days. I guess the party starts earlier for them. They live further away so they make a long week out of it. A few more straggled in and then some decided to go tubing. The weather was nice but the water was much too cold to actually get wet. So Rhonda and I decided to stay behind to wait for others.
Rhonda sitting and the hostess Pam
Our class only had about 50 students, to the best of our recollection. We took a poll and came up with anywhere from 48 to 52 so I'm sticking with 50. I'd say about 15 showed up with about 5 spouses. I didn't invite hubby because he would have been uncomfortable. Most of these people still live in the same town or are still in touch so they know each other pretty well. And daughter of course would have been bored to tears, so why go through all that and ruin my fun, ha. My cousin Peggy told her husband that mine would be there just to get him there. She lied and he wasn't pleased.
Barb on the left, cousin Peggy on the right and cheerful hubby in the middle
Everyone has arrived by afternoon so we all sit on the deck drinking and eating. I don't mingle much. It's hard to believe that at this age I'm still rather shy and don't move far from my comfort zone so I just stick with the friends I'm really comfortable with. I didn't talk to any of the guys from my class and wonder if they even knew who I was.
Wes, Pam and Evelyn

This is the only picture with me in, it was about the third one with all different camera's and I had this cheesy grin on my face so of course that's when she snapped it. I love how Barb is kind of hugging her beer.

More eating and drinking then finally grilled hamburgers and hot dogs are ready. Boy, I'm going to be working this day off for about a week. I had originally planned to leave around 8:00 but decided to leave a little earlier. It had started raining a bit and the last picture I took was a beautiful rainbow right over the water. It seemed a fitting way to end the day.
As I hugged the hostess goodbye she whispered "just the girls next year", meaning our usual S.L.U.T.S weekend. I teasingly asked if she would let me stay next year and said I would bring my jammies. Only 364 days to go.


Grumpy said…
I collect old car and truck pictures; I love that one. Glad you had a good time.
bill said…
You look too young to be in that reunion class.
kden said…
Ahh, thanks Bill.
fernvalley01 said…
Looks like a great day, but "just the girls party sounds like more fun with your friends
I love old cars and trucks too. You are very kind to spare your husband the 'ordeal'.
ethelmaepotter! said…
Congrats on even GOING to your class reunion...I have never been to any of mine...too shy then and now. You LOOK like you had fun!

The old truck pic is great, but that rainbow...oh my goodness! PERFECT!!!!!!
D. Duplessis said…
Looks like fun! Both Loren and I went to the same high school (different years) and not once has the alumni folks bothered to ever invite either one of us to a reunion! Think they remember us too well?

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