Speaking of Weekends

Do you remember when weekends used to be fun and relaxing? If you didn't feel like doing anything, you just didn't. Maybe it comes with adulthood, but they sure seem like a lot more work than ever.

I don't know why I look so forward to them because they usually consist of laundry, housework, yard work, errands, banking, and anything else that got put off because we're too lazy during the week.

My daughter bought a web cam today (my idea, her money) so we could download Skype. Long story short-she has a boyfriend in California-she knew him from grade school and jr. high-he always had a crush on her-they've been texting nonstop for a few months-now they're in love. Big Sigh. They don't get to talk much so I thought I would be nice and set up Skype for her. It took me a lot longer to get it all set up though so that's where part of the day went to.

I hadn't even touched the paper by late afternoon and started dinner in my underwear because I was hemming my shorts at the same time. Even the favorite summer pastime of grilling seems to be a lot of work for the 10 minutes of goodness you get at the end.

By Sunday evening I'm exhausted and wonder what happened to the time. But I still look forward to the next one.


Hi kden,
I've given up worrying about all the chores that need doing. Especially the ones outside. Nature caused it. Nature can sort it out!
Grumpy said…
I blame it on marriage. When I was single I had nothing to do on weekends. Now my wife fills my weekends with drudgery.
Grumpy said…
By the way, I'm also have Skype. Name search should find me.
D. Duplessis said…
I try to cram everything into the week, so weekends are pretty much strictly for me and what I'd like to do. It seems to work out okay, I got in two naps this past weekend, and generally enjoyed the "nothing" I had to accomplish before Monday.
bill said…
Lord knows I can't answer your questions. Me, I'm just an old retired guy, where every day is a weekend, and the big decisions of the day are, should I have chocolate ice cream or vanilla, with hot chocolate fudge sauce poured over it, etc, etc. My son wants me to install skype but I'm afraid I'm not intellectually up to it. But I do sympathize with you.
kden said…
John, I agree but I think our neighbors would disagree.

So true Grumpy, we do like to make our lists. I will look you up sometime, and I promise I'll have pants on.

David, I try to do that, just doesn't seem to happen, bravo on the naps though.

Bill, that seems to be how my mom takes weekends, just another day, without the ice cream though. Chocolate for me please.
fernvalley01 said…
I love weekends , I get to do MY stuff, even if it proves to be more work than the paying job, I like it better
Peruby said…
Fun week-end? What's that? I play catch up. Catch up on laundry, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the bathroom and living room. Yep, I go to work to get some rest!

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