She's Only Just Begun

She's such a courteous driver
My hubby and I have been out driving with the kid for a couple of weeks now. We take turns though, it's not good to have two backseat drivers. The other day I was in the front and he was in the back and we're both telling her what to do. If I was her I would have pulled over and kicked us both out. We both have differences of opinions on how things should be done and of course each one of is right. So from now on we will alternate taking her out.

Being in the passenger seat gives you a different perspective, mainly about the crazy drivers out there. When I'm driving I won't hesitate to cuss someone out who cuts me off or put on my brakes when I'm being tailgated. But when your kid is driving and someone pulls that crap, it makes me mad. Sure, they don't know she's a student driver but still, common courtesy and rules of the road should dictate how you act towards other drivers. Even her instructors encounter rudeness when students are in a market Student Driver's car.

We're trying to teach her the right way to drive and handle herself on the road. But anymore it seems like you have to be on the defensive all the time and pay more attention to what everyone else is doing. The other day hubby was with her and she was at a four-way stop. When she didn't pull out fast enough for the guy behind her, he honked. Since she hasn't learned the fine art of flipping people off, her Daddy did it for her. Isn't that what Daddy's are for?

She's barely gotten out off the starting blocks, and I sure don't want her to be scared or intimidated when behind the wheel. Rude drivers have always been around and always will be, so I guess she's just going to have to learn to not get so flustered, grow a tougher skin, and learn how to flip people off.
She did NOT want to do this, I made her


bill said…
May I say with all due respect to the back seat drivers in your story, I am proud it is you doing the training and not me. After two kids and two grand kids, I've done my duty . So let them learn, give them plenty of practice, reiterate and reiterate the things you think are important. They are our future.
Peruby said…
Amen! We got a "student driver" sticker and put it on our back windshield and rude drivers still honked at my daughter as she was learning to drive.

Yep. Mom flipped off quite a few people. One time I almost got out of the car and kicked ass but my daughter took off before I could get my seat belt off.
Grumpy said…
Faith, defensive driving doesn't work. Drive as if you own the road and you're the biggest, baddest, meanest...well, you get the idea. Watch your parents drive; I doubt they drive the way they want you to drive.

Remember, the other guy doesn't want to get hit any more than you do.
kden said…
Peruby-Hubby wants me to make a sign and put it on the car. I know it won't work though. And God No, I'm not going to tell him they actually make stickers for that.

Good advice Grumpy, why don't you come over here and teach her?
Claire King said…
Ahh the memories this evokes. Good luck and be patient. I was the sole parent who taught all three of my kids these lessons. I am still here to write about it too.
D. Duplessis said…
Oh that's priceless. I'm currently teaching my own daughter how to drive! Nashville, is full of horrible driver's who feel that using their turn signals and the like are just optional. Now she's beginning to realize why I have a tendency to scream and curse while I drive around town. I must admit I am proud at her cursing ability...I've never ever heard my daughter swear until we started driving around town. I'm so proud.

I wish you and your daughter the best of luck, it's a mad jungle out there.

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