Long Weekend Is Over

I've had four glorious days off but it's back to work today. I only work M-W-F but burnout to-the-max is eating away at me. I've been with my elderly couple for almost 6 years and I feel it's time to move on. The wife pays for my services out of her own money and a few years ago she gave me a very nice raise, that really helped. The husband is a tightwad to put it mildly. He is trying everything he can to either get my services covered by Medicare or some type of insurance policy (he can't and they don't). I have also seen scribblings of his checking around to see what min. wage is in this state and what agencies pay for their home care workers (min. wage). I'm not sure if she's aware of what he is trying to do or what, if any, plans he has to cut my wage nearly in half. The day he tries to put that into effect, I walk. I would rather eat nothing, than eat humiliation.

I wanted to leave before summer started so I could spend more time with my daughter, but since hubby got cut back quite a bit that can't happen. I also would like to look for another job but want to wait until fall. We have vacation planned mid August and I don't want to mess that up. Trouble is, I'm not all that qualified at anything, and will NOT seeking employment with any more elderly folks.

So if I can just get through the summer with my sanity intact, I'm hoping that this fall holds brighter things for me. I've had a feeling since I started my diet that it was going to help. Don't really know how, maybe it's just the whole positive attitude and self esteem thing but I have to keep those thoughts in the forefront. I do see a light at the end of the tunnel, I'm just not sure which road to take.


Grumpy said…
You're likely more qualified than you think. One advantage you have over most younger job seekers is common sense.

I still think you could sell your photography at local art fairs, street fairs etc.
Everything always works out in the end. The right road will reveal itself when you get nearer to it.
You should then ask tightwad for a raise. You won't get one, but the look of panic on his face should give you some pleasure. :-)
D. Duplessis said…
Always take the road less traveled! Unless of course, there's a stream you have to cross and you might drop your camera in it, then you'd better take the regular old road. :-)
ethelmaepotter! said…
That older couple sounds like me Fred and me. I help out my sister when I can by having her clean my house (which is what she does for a living through an agency, which means she makes an absolute pittance.) I pay her a little more than what the agency would charge for my size house, PLUS I help her clean, and she gets to pocket all the money. And I always send her home with some little something: "I have no use for such and such, here can you use it?" AND I always give her double money for Christmas cleaning.

Fred? He has no idea I'm paying her that much. Even though he likes her and doesn't mind helping her out, he'd have a heart attack if he knew...

I agree with others - if you could find the right market, you could sell your photos. Have you tried Red Bubble?
kden said…
Oh Dear Ethel, after seeing photo's you take, you should be the one making money on them, not me.

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