Hubby's Furry Friends

We have mice. Due to the placement of our house, surrounded by rock walls and us feeding birds, we have mice. I mean, wouldn't you move in if you were offered room and board along with meals? Thank Heavens they are not in the house. And don't say yet!

The past few weeks we've probably caught close to 10. I will set a trap and look to see if we've caught anything but that's where it stops. I make Hubby empty them. If I see one in the trap I tell  him that he 'has a friend'. Last weekend I kept him plenty busy with his furry friends.

Our beans have finally started to come up but I've noticed that they're getting chewed up too. Last year the beans would have little spots chewed out of them. My mom said it was slugs and beer worked fine to get rid of them but I saw a blaze of fur run through the garden yesterday so I knew it was a mouse. After catching one in a short amount of time, hubby reset it. Later I checked and it had been sprung already. As I'm walking away he looks at it and said "it's not dead, he looked at me and I can't kill it; what should I do with it?"

"I don't care what you do with it, just get it out of here. Throw it over Curtis's fence", I said as I ran in the house.

Later that day he said that it was caught by its foot and was squealing. I asked what he did with it and he said he tossed it over Curtis's fence from the alley. Remember, he is the hated neighbor with dogs. I was still surprised he did it though and knew his wife was home all day and prayed that she didn't see him. It would be awful hard to explain that one. Don't we sound like fun neighbors?

So now there's a hobbled mouse running around their yard trying to keep away from 5 rogue dogs. I'm sure it will end up back over here though and will be caught eventually. But that's OK, because I don't like to share my beans with anyone.


Grumpy said…
Yet. Trust me.
bill said…
I don't understand your attitude toward mice. First off, mice are afraid of you. Why they run from you, hide from you. Second, If you're going to be an executioner with the mouse trap, you need to empty your own trap. Don't throw them over your neighbors fence(you might get into legal issues), throw them into your outdoor trash that's about to be picked up. Don't be a softie. Man up to the job, get a little cold steel in your eye, tell you're husband, "let me handle it, Sugar." There's really nothing to it. Think of those pioneering fore bears who settled that country, Pioneers, all, doing what was necessary. It's a mental thing and you can do it. Go on, take charge.

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