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*I'm really excited to offer my readers a change of pace today in the way of a Guest Author. I've always wanted someone else to do the writing now and then and I got my chance yesterday when I talked to my neighbor's dog Biscuit. She had a few moments of freedom when she escaped from her yard again; we had a telepathic chat and this is what she told me.*

Ahhh, the taste of freedom. Even though it's brief, it's wonderful. They can't quite figure out how I escaped yesterday into the new neighbor's yard on the other side of us but I'm sure Pa will figure it out eventually and fix it. Our fence has so many patch jobs from the dozens of escape routes me and my pack have made over the years. When any one of us escapes, the entire pack goes nuts. Of course we only do it when Pa and Ma have left for work. But the whole neighborhood goes on alert and they're running around like crazy trying to figure out what's going on. 

The Nice Lady you all know as Kden met up with New Neighbor Lady in the alley where she said that I got in her yard somehow and she didn't know how to get me back in. The back gate is padlocked. Well of course it is silly, I figured out how to bounce on the gate and it opens magically for me. But not anymore.

Soon I come around the corner with Theresa, another Neighbor Lady, who suggests they throw me over the fence. She's done it before, she said. Yea, I remember that. It's kind of a long drop and it didn't feel very good. But I've packed on a few pounds since this picture was taken a few years ago (during another escape) so Theresa decides to go get her husband to do the throwing. That's when Nice Lady walked away. She and my Pa don't have a real good history so she didn't want to be involved or even call him to tattle on my recent escapade.

Someone must have called because soon Pa came home and he was pissed. He locked me in the house so he could get back to work and deal with my escape route later. Dang.

I wish I didn't feel the need to escape but I do. Let me tell you the story of how I got here. I was adopted by Ma and Pa soon after they moved in. I had been rejected by another home with a small child. Ma and Pa couldn't believe that someone would return a dog just for being playful. But they didn't help my behavior any for not training me not to jump and get excited. Once Nice Lady's husband gently suggested that I have some basic training and that's when Ma and Pa started hating them.  I'm close to 10 years old and still jumping on people and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. All I ever hear is "No Biscuit, Down Biscuit", and it makes me sad.

Soon after they got me, I guess they figured I needed a playmate since they really didn't do much with me. Since I have lived here, I've probably been on a total of 5 walks. Do the math, that's about a walk every 2 years. That could be why I've gotten so fat. So they brought home a big furry brown boy, which they called Teddy. We got along pretty good and it was nice having a friend. A few years later another dog came to live with us. I didn't like him at all. They named him Rascal but Nice Lady calls him Shithead and that name seems to fit him more. He barks at everything and everyone near or far. I guess I escape to get away from him or to find people that will like me. I know Nice Lady and her family likes me. I hear them say that I am their favorite. They used to give me and Teddy dog biscuits through the slats in the fence and I get up real close so they can scratch my ears. But they don't do that much anymore because Shithead and the two little yappers bark at them.

The two little yappers are the two dachshunds that came about 3 years ago. They were supposed to be just temporary pets but Ma's Grandma died and she had to keep them. They were nice when they first came but then Shithead taught them how to bark and now my ears almost bleed on a daily basis 'cause of all the barking.

I love it when I get out! I go visit all the neighbors and I feel free and happy. I never get to see the outside world because our fence is so high. All I have to look at is the same old brown dirt everyday. Sure they feed us and let us come in at night to sleep but I want a real family that loves me like Nice Lady loves her dog. I peek at her through the fence when I see her in her kitchen and she waves at me. When she goes outside I scratch at the fence for attention. She lovingly calls me 'Bik-et' in a baby-talk voice. I love it.

I'm sure I will live out the rest of my days here which is kind of depressing. When Pa and Nice Lady got into their last big fight two years ago he promised that some of the dogs would go. I think I was supposed to be one of them and I was a little excited to go, but it didn't happen. Either no one wanted me or they just gave up looking for someone to take me. It doesn't matter why, I am still a prisoner.

So if you could do one thing for me; if you ever see a furry prisoner in a yard with no chance of ever escaping give them a little baby talk and maybe a scratch behind the ears. At least I'll know that someone, somewhere, is getting some love.


Run Biscuit run! That's what I did. My last owner was an ignorant 'B' too. I ran and now I'm with John. I feel sad reading your story. You are being neglected, and that is a crime here in the UK. I bet it is where you live too. Love from Sadie.
Peruby said…
This is so sad! Now I think I know why I keep putting off getting a fence. The walking does a dog a world of good and it does not hurt me either.
Grumpy said…
This makes me sad. Why do people get animals if they don't have the time or inclination to interact with them? Dogs are social animals and crave attention.
fernvalley01 said…
Poor Biscuit!!!! Scratch hher ears for me would ya?

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