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Who doesn't like to look at a good crime map? Especially when you can see what kind of stuff goes on in your own neighborhood. This is a new site, still in its Beta stage, so most cities aren't even on it yet.

I checked out my town and the first thing I see is total crimes in the area. Then as I mouse over different areas, such as zip codes, I see crimes per area. When I click on my particular zip code I find 423 crimes in that area. My area now pops up in a new window and I can see lots of stats on the side; the difference between my zip code and the entire city, most dangerous neighborhoods and individual crimes with dates and cross streets.

Mmmmm, let's look at my neighborhood now. I can zoom into the corner I live on and see that this particular corner looks pretty good. But at just the other corner of the block there have been 5 crimes in that area. And there are many crimes just southwest of me. Crap, I can't move an inch or I could be robbed, assaulted, vandalized, or shot.

It's interesting but also slightly depressing when you think your city is relatively safe but then you actually see what goes on and where.


Claire King said…
Interesting site.
Grumpy said…
Really want to be scared? There is a website, the URL of which escapes me, that shows where registered sex offenders live by location. They are all around us.
D. Duplessis said…
That is really cool! I wish they had Nashville in there, perhaps they will at some point. I like how you can see the "hourly" trends. I can see checking it before going out on a Saturday night..."Hey honey, let's go over to the East side tonight!" "Better not, dear. The hourly trend here says there's been a lot of crime in the last couple of hours!"
kden said…
David, that would be funny to plan your activities around the crime of the moment.
Grumpy, I'm signed up with one of those sites and get updates when an offender moves in or out. They do make mistakes though, and had a sexual deviant woman living on my corner. It wasn't me, I swear!

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