We Carry On

Surfing the web as usual, I've got 4 tabs open in my browser; my blog, Facebook, MSN and my mail. On Facebook I see that a local news channel has posted a new tsunami video. It was 5 and-a-half minutes of pure terror. It was videotaped from high on a hill and it showed the giant wave coming in and plowing houses under and wiping out car laden streets. As it got closer the voices on the hill got more animated, women screamed and cried and people below the hill ran up as fast as they could to safety. All of a sudden the picture on the camera became blurry and then stopped.

Halfway through the video I looked up at the title of my blog. Then I felt ashamed. What in the Hell do I have to complain about? A lousy pound of fat that doesn't want to leave my body? My neighbor's dogs? My family? Devastation happens all around us but I keep right on complaining. It's not all I do but I do it plenty.

I've said before that I love to blog but talking about flowers and kitties is not my style. My creativity is founded in humor and bitchin'. And it's a great de-stressor for me. So as much as I'm not proud of my pettiness I will continue to blog about things that bug me.

And Grumpy will continue to post pictures about fallen Hero's Of The Week. Claire will continue to tell us about her job and how she's continuing to cope with divorce. Bill will take us on the adventure of moving across several states. Ethel will continue to make me laugh so hard that I pee and I will continue to be in awe of Fern and how hard she works on her cattle and horse farm.  I will be anxiously awaiting new adoption news from Signe and other Grumpy Dudes will make me laugh at things that I'm not brave enough to write about.

But why? Why do we continue to carry on with so much sadness around us, even closer than Japan? Because we are human and it is our instinct to carry on. My friend will continue to mourn the loss of her sister who died late last year. But she will carry on. Because that's what we do. It doesn't mean we're heartless or don't care. Maybe it's a survival mechanism. Maybe it helps us appreciate what we do have.

I believe we were created- by whoever you believe created you- to be strong. Strong for yourself and others. That gives us each someone to lean on. No one person can be effective for another if they're a pile of goo in a corner, I know I've been there. We get up each day and face it, not always happily but we do it. That's why I need my friends and blogger friends alike. When I'm having a crappy day, someone is there to give me a shoulder or tell me to get over it. 

That's proof to me that we are all connected to each other, even those far away. Obviously we can't be there to offer solace, other than monetarily through Red Cross or other outlets. But we can help others around us by offering a kind word to someone who seems sad. By sending a card, a real card to someone who needs a lift. Volunteering possibilities are also endless.

In order to do that though we must carry on, even though it seems fruitless at the time. And I will continue to blog even though some days I feel ashamed. Because that's what I do.


fernvalley01 said…
I love you blog, simply because it is what it is . A normal everyday kind gal ,bitching about what bugs her.It strikes a very familiar chord with me every time.I think blogging is a way for us to reach out to one another, human nature is funny in that even when we want solitude we want contact.As to the disasters befalling so many , prayers sent and they are in my thoughts always,I odn't blog about that , because , so many already have said more eloquently than I could . And I blog about what is going on right here and nbow about my life.I am very glad that you choose to follow and share
kden said…
I'm with you Fern. I don't blog much about social issues because frankly I don't think I'm smart enough. I'd much rather leave it to someone else. I just write about what I know.
D. Duplessis said…
Anton Chekhov supposedly once said, "Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out." And while the world and the people in it suffer all the time on a massive scale, you manage, with humor and grace, to bring your own day to day living into focus for us with your blog. And sometimes that just what Grumpy people need to read.
bill said…
Good blogging. Some great comments.
Anonymous said…
This is a very honest blog - heartfelt and sincere. Your thoughts really resonated. And it's not that you're not smart enough to blog about social issues; you're wise enough not to. What happens in our daily lives really affects us all more.
kden said…
Thanks David, Bill and Anon. I'd rather have a few sincere and appreciative readers than a bunch of commenters that really don't give a hoot.
ethelmaepotter! said…
I've expressed this same view before, but never as eloquently as you have just done. You're right - despite the turmoil around us, we must carry on in the best way we know - for some it's humor, for others it's insight, and for you...well...I must admit I love your complaining!

Tragedy is happening every day, everywhere, but we can't stop our lives for it. My father did that - he became so absorbed with world conditions that he ceased being a father; he was simply the man who slept at our house some nights when he was too tired or broke to help for a few hours. We lost so much for those many years he spent trying to save the world...and he lost, too.

You keep on bitchin'!
Grumpy said…
You obviously found your calling.
Lakegirl said…
I enjoy your premise. I tend to complain about what bugs me, but that is just my little corner of the world. Keep going.

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