Three Johns, Andy, Sig, and a George

Concert ticket buying is in full swing. I just wish we could see them all. We saw Elton John just a week ago tonight and had a great time.

My next favorite John (Hillstrand) is coming with his brother Andy and Sig Hanson (from Deadliest Catch) in July for The Captain's Tour. I am kind of disappointed that they've gotten so popular that they now have to charge for their appearances. But.....that doesn't mean that I don't want to go! When my daughter and I saw the Hillstrands three years ago, it was for a book signing. All we had to do was buy a book and stand in line for a couple of hours. It was well worth the wait. This particular show will have the Captains telling stories, showing clips that have never been seen before and a Q&A session. Tickets went on sale this morning and since I had to work I left hubby in charge. Yikes! He did fine though and we got some pretty good seats.

I had no idea my other favorite Jonny Lang would be coming back to town so soon. We saw him last summer and I just adore this guy. Unfortunately we will be on vacation and not get home until the next day. If it was easy to do, I would consider changing our vacation but I know that's not possible. So maybe another time.

Now, just someone I would love to see is George Thorogood. He is a classic and I still listen to him. His music never gets old. But I think we'll have to pass on this one too. Our daughter isn't interested and she'd have to stay home alone and she's scared to be at home by herself once it gets dark. It's also a weeknight and I have to work the next morning. For some reason sleep has gotten to be important to me. Maybe George will come back some day.

But two out of three Johns ain't bad.


Grumpy said…
George Thorogood is still alive?
kden said…
He's younger than you, my friend.
fernvalley01 said…
Wow ! you are getting out and about! I don't know the "captains " But I would love to see geaorge Thorogood!
Claire King said…
Right on kden. I love concerts and only get a chance to go on occasion. My favorite was John Mellencamp a few summers ago with John Fogarty opening for him.
Grumpy said…
Yikes, he is younger than me.
kden said…
Does that mean that YOU should be dead Grumpy ;-) ?

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