'Splain It To Me Please

Ever since I started my diet last October, the weight loss has been quite easy. I could count on dropping a pound every 4-5 days. Little by little it has slowed some but the last 5 pounds were difficult and now......up and down a pound or two for two weeks before finally losing it.

And I'm pissed!

I Zumba three times a week and exercise at home 3 more times a week. My dietitian said that loss comes slower the more you lose and exercise can increase weight. She typically suggests a cut in calories but since I'm exercising so much, not to do that for awhile. So what the Hell am I supposed to do?

I have cut back a little, just cutting out a few exchanges a day randomly. It's probably not what she would suggest but I feel I'm already sacrificing enough without being told to eat less. I know that I shouldn't value what I have accomplished by numbers on a scale but that's what keeps me going. When I don't see a change day after day after day I get depressed......and what does a depressed person want to do? Eat.

I haven't reached that point yet, to give up, because I have have worked hard to get to this point. I see the changes in my clothes and have a bag sitting by my closet to put my fat clothes in and I don't want to dig them back out again.

So I guess I will just Zumba my brains out and pray for the Scale Gods to give me a break.


fernvalley01 said…
Remember building healthy muscle may not show on the scale , but it shows in your health, posture and the way your clothes fit, so... But I hear you ,I swear I have either lost a thousand pounds in my life of the same freakin pound a thousand times!
C.B. said…
Back when I had a personal trainer, she told me once that when you hit a plateau stop eating bread for a week. Not even the semi-healthy bread. No crackers, nothing. She said time and again this has helped people get moving down the scale again.
I would never try it because I just did not feel like I could live without bread.
Grumpy said…
You've come this far, hang in there. Ever think maybe you've reached the weight you are supposed to be?
kden said…
CB-I know what you mean about bread and crackers, they are my downfall. If I crave anything, it's that.

Oh Grumpy, you flatterer. I'm afraid I have about 30 to go. That's what makes this plateau so hard, I thought I would be a lot farther along by now.
bill said…
I wish I could offer some good advise. With dieting there is no good advise. You have to weigh and bare it which ever way it goes, up or down and there's more ups than downs. I've been dieting forever and I'm still a triple obese. By the way, if you send in the Calvary with all that stuff, asked them to stop at Target and pick up some Macaroons for me. My sweet tooth is acting up again.

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