A Dream Of A Lifetime

I had the craziest dream last night. I was walking along with an Island Girl when we came upon this dude named Levon, the Man From Across The Water. He was all excited about something but wasn't making any sense.

"Can You Feel The Love Tonight?", he yelled at Island Girl, myself, and Tiny Dancer who had just appeared beside me.

"Is he trying to pick us up?" I asked them.

"I don't know but he's got his friend Daniel with him", noticed Tiny Dancer.

Suddenly I felt like Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds with all this male attention. Tiny suggested we go the the Honky Cat and listen to Bennie And The Jets. I said I'd rather go to that new romantic restaurant, Candle In The Wind and hear some Crocodile Rock. Since the others didn't want to go, Levon and I split off and headed down the street.

"Can You Feel The Love Tonight?" he whispered in my ear.

I thought he was moving a bit fast though and had to remind him that Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting, if he didn't back off.

"Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word", he mumbled with a promise to behave himself.

As were listing to some fine tunes he asked me if I wanted to hear Your Song or Border Song. I didn't really care, I just asked that they Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me as I didn't want this night to end.

It was late as we left the restaurant and right in front of us the bus Philadelphia Freedom let off Daniel, Tiny and Island Girl.

"The Bitch Is Back", Daniel yelled when he saw me.

After hugs all around for a wonderful evening, we had a good laugh as we said Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and split off to go our separate ways.

I could feel wakefulness filling my head as I yelled over my shoulder to them, "Hakuna Matata".

It seems it wasn't a dream at all but only the remnants of the Elton John concert I saw last night. My dream was shared with over 10,000 other lucky people that scored tickets. We had awesome seats, straight back from the stage only 8 rows from the floor. Three hours of piano brilliance had young and old, drunk and sober up and dancing. It's a night I will not soon forget.


fernvalley01 said…
I was about to ask ,if we had a drink or 12 with dinner? But then you cleared it up with the concert sounds like a great evening
Grumpy said…
Sounds like a good time was had by all.
Claire King said…
Awesome kden. I bet he was an amazing entertainer. I saw John Melloncamp a few years ago and it is still my favorite. John Fogarty opened for him.
Claire King said…
P.S. Love the new photos posted on your other site.
Peruby said…
Nikita told me that she and Levon went to that same concert. They saw their friend and yelled over the crowd "Hey, hey, Johnny!"

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