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I guess I haven't really felt like writing so will just do a bit of rambling today. I haven't been feeling very well lately, the past few weeks or so. The abdominal pain was so bad over the weekend that I went to acute care. I told the girl that I didn't have insurance so she said she had to tell me how much the basic visit is before I filled out all the paperwork. $225.00 just to walk in the door and more for any testing. I said no thanks, I'll just go home and cry. Sometimes it's just the principle to me. I could have charged it but I didn't want to. I would rather pay that much to do something enjoyable, like see Elton John. But to spend it on medical care when they probably wouldn't figure it out anyway makes no sense to me.

My daughter has her own appointments I need to get her to in the next few weeks; regular dentist, orthodontics consult, oncologist/hematologist (long story for another day). It's hard to juggle all of those appointments with my schedule and hers. I try not to take her out of school for any appointments, it's just too hard for her to catch up. I admire her for her dedication to school. She's got state testing next week and that's always a stressful time. Any test that is not passed will have to be re-taken in mid August. These classes have to be passed in order to graduate. So, for the first time we had to plan our vacation around those re-test days JUST in case she doesn't pass them.

This Friday my daughter and I are going to an Invisible Children program at her school. She has been a part of this organization in her school for over a year now. It would be great if she could become a roadie some day and travel the country spreading the message of hope and survival of Joseph Kony's child soldiers. Saturday we're going to a hockey game, one of the last few remaining home games. Other obligations next week are also keeping me hopping; dog shots and plans to meet for lunch and dinner with old high school friends.  It feels like all of the appointments and social engagements for an entire year have been crammed into a few weeks.

I'm getting used to sleeping in my basement dwelling. The first week I had second thoughts about my decision. Little noises would wake me, even with earplugs and I imagined the spooks in the furnace room were talking to me. It's better now, the mattress seems more comfy and I'm sleeping well. It will be nice when the furnace is not running anymore, then I'll be able to take the earplugs out.

I found a fun place online to get some cool effects for your portrait photos. Most of us are not versed at PhotoShop so they have already designed these templates. All you have to do is upload a picture and pick an effect. Some look better than others, depending on the type of shot you have.

Idaho must really be hurting. Since my husband works for a company out of Idaho, we have to file and pay taxes for that state. We get most of it back though but this year we had to wait about 5 weeks for the direct deposit. That's almost as long as the old fashioned checks used to take.

Even though I'm not feeling well I'm still hanging in there with my diet. I started another Zumba class so that makes twice a week now. I went last night, just didn't feel very perky. But I'm still glad I went.

I think I've bored you all enough today, hopefully I'll get back to my snarky, witty self soon.


Grumpy said…
I don't think ignoring abdominal pain that severe is a good idea. Any public health clinics in your area?
kden said…
I already go to one of those wonderful places. We now make too much money and lost our discount. Basically I'm just a tightwad because I've been through it before. "Well, I'm going to charge you for this and not find anything so you'll have to go somewhere else so they can charge you for their non-knowledge too"

It's just how I feel about the whole medical field. But I know that if worse comes to worse I will eventually make an appointment.
Peruby said…
This is so sad. I am sorry that you were in such pain. I hope you are back up to your usual self soon. Insurance policies and the lack of insurance in this country stinks. Or, is it the medical profession who stinks? Or perhaps the folks who abuse the insurance companies? Ah, well. Either way - it is not fun to be in pain. You have my sympathy.
fernvalley01 said…
My goodness! sounds to me like you need to find a better doc! Hope you ar ebewtter soon . DO take care
Claire King said…
Glad to see you writing again. Miss you! Hope you feel well soon. don't know what a doctor would treat you for, but do not prolong the visit if the pain continues. didn't your little lady tell you to drink lots of water and cranberry juice? That seemed to be a help for most tummy problems, according to our seniors. (smile here.)
ethelmaepotter! said…
GO TO THAT DOCTOR!!!!! Elton John would understand!
kden said…
I am feeling better Ethel. Elton is next month, nothing will keep me away from that!

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