Blood Disorders, State Tests, and Dentists......Oh My

This has been kind of a stressful month for our daughter and I suppose me too. I shouldn't make Dr. appointments for her right in the middle of State testing. They're probably the most important test a High Schooler will take because if they don't pass, they don't graduate. she has three this week, one in April and math toward the end of the year. That's the one I worry about, she's struggled with Geometry all year.

Luckily though she didn't have any homework last night so off to the Oncologist/Hematologist we went. To back up the story a bit she went to a regular checkup a month or so ago and we discussed past heart tests and shoe inserts and then out of the blue she wanted to test her for anemia because she looked pale. They poked her finger and tested twice and found her to be very anemic and then was put on vitamins with iron. No problem right?

After we get home and tell hubby, he said we should hold off and have her tested for Thalassemia, because he has it. He found out several years ago when he became very sick. Back to the lab we go to draw blood and her doctor referred us to an oncologist/hematologist. Those few weeks of waiting were very difficult. Our daughter is prone to panic attacks and they started last Monday. She won't talk about it and there's nothing I can do for her. It just goes into a bad cycle and it could be weeks before it ends.

Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder. Beta is from the Italians, Greeks or those of Middle Eastern decent. Alpha comes from Asians and Sickle Cell affects African Americans. Our daughter does not have the disease but is a carrier. This will affect any children she has, if she marries someone with Alpha, Beta, or Sicke Thalassemia. Children often die at birth or are subjected to a life of blood transfusions. Anyone she marries and wants to have children with will have to be tested and then Genetic counseling should be used if her mate is found to be a carrier too. I guess knowledge is power but it's still downright confusing and scary. She always claims she doesn't want kids, maybe this will concrete her feelings. I hope not, I would love a grandchild some day. I do have a grandson from my step-son but we already seem so removed from that situation that he really won't grow up knowing us well. To be honest I didn't want kids either but God had other plans for me and I'm glad, I couldn't imagine my life without her.

Next week is another appointment to see an Orthodontist to see if she needs braces, extractions or whatever. At least that news will be a lot easier to take.


fernvalley01 said…
Knowledge is power, now that she has the information she can make an informed decision later in life . SOrry the poor darlin is struggling with anxiety esp in the middle of grade 12 !
Grumpy said…
Better knowing than not; she can now make informed decisions as an adult.
ethelmaepotter! said…
I had never heard of Thalassemia before; so sorry your husband has it and now your daughter is a carrier. I know how heartbreaking that must be for you.

Don't worry bout her academic tests - you know she'll do great!

And how are YOU? All better, I hope.
kden said…
@ Fern, she's only a 10th grader, they have to start the tests this early in order to get re-takes in this summer.

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