Our local Curves has joined up with Zumba and brought us a combination of both. The usual Curves circut consists of alternating weight training on different machines with recovery boards, spending 30 seconds at each spot. With Zumba added to it, weight training now lasts a minute and instead of the recovery boards we dance for a minute.

The pace and music is fast and mostly Latin but I hear other International influences too. You don't really get a chance to learn the moves, you just have to jump in and move. I'm moving parts that haven't been moved in a long time and I admit I'm very good at looking like an Uncoordinated Dork. But as I look around I'm not the only one. I guess it doesn't matter as long as we're moving. I read that you can burn up to 500 calories in a half-hour session. Tonight was only my second class and it was much easier than the first one last week. And I know that I would not have even attempted this 30 pounds ago so that feels very good.

Trust me, we don't look anything like this.

It's more like this.
That's alright though, it's fun and it's comfortable and I'm having a good time.


Claire King said…
Good job kden! Zumba is a growing trend. My ole community center where I volunteered had Zumba classes that started a year ago. I know the instructor has added many classes to the schedule due to the demand for it. You go girl!! CK
bill said…
Okay, it's good you're enjoying it but I'm going to sit this one out. The beat is too fast for me. I'm more into "put your little foot... right here."
Grumpy said…
Nice job. Thirty pounds is a great accomplishment; who cares how you look doing it?
fernvalley01 said…
Well if you're enjoying it they say you ill keep it up.Good Luck , have fun

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