Mad Dog Owner VS The Italian

My husband and I usually take our dog for a walk in the morning. Since time is limited, it's usually a short walk on one of two regular routes. As we approached a cross-street we saw another couple walking their dog too. We usually try and hang back to let the other dog pass, not really knowing how a different dog is going to react. Then we noticed that the dog was not on a leash. The man tried to keep it in check with verbal warnings but all of a sudden it started running toward us at full speed.

The man yelled "He's OK."

I really hate it when a dog is running at you growling and the dumb ass owner says "He's OK." That is the stupidest thing to say and I may even be guilty of saying it myself when Nellie got away from me. When she was younger my daughter and I took her to the school's football field to let her run. She was young and knew I couldn't run in the snow and she took off after another dog--on the other side of the field. So as I reached the girl and her dog in full cardiac arrest, I'm sure I said the same thing, but it's still stupid. I used to be confident that my dog would never hurt anyone or another dog but you can never be sure of that, as I have witnessed with her.

As the growling dog approached fast he ran into Nellie's hip but that's about it. The man called the dog back and all would have been fine, except that my husband had to open his big mouth.

"You should have that dog on a leash" Mr. Bright said, which was true but should have been left unsaid. The next thing I know I was more afraid of the owner than the dog.

"Shut the F*%$ up old man", he yelled and then kept going and going cussing us out.

My husband puffed up like the typical pissed off Italian. I had to smack him in the arm to get him to snap out of it like I do Nellie when she sees a cat. I asked him if he could really afford to be beat up, he said he could take him. The air was filled with testosterone. We hung back a little more and then continued on our route about 1/2 block behind them. The guy turned around and started yelling at us again,  "Sure, you're going to follow me now, you can't go another way just 'cause my dog doesn't have a F*%$ing leash?"

Now I wanted to say something. Why in the Hell should I change my path just because some idiot can't leash his dog. His attitude reminded me of the neighbor I hate so much and I felt physically ill for about an hour. We could still hear him yelling for blocks and his dog yelped so we imagine that he was kicked all the way home.

I carry pepper spray with me for such occasions because I'm usually afraid of loose dogs. But now maybe it's the owner I should be prepared to spray.


bill said…
Guess that happens to everybody with animals at one time or another when you take them out. Not usually so with owners. That's when you wish you had a trained man-hater.
Claire King said…
Human leash laws in order? I am glad the dog left you, hubby and your pet alone. Dog fights are scarier to break up than human ones.
fernvalley01 said…
My neihgbor had a sighn that said "To He** with the dog, beware of the owner " guess it is more true than I thought . Guy sounds like a complete jerk!
Grumpy said…
Should have just let your husband kick his ass. Or you kick his ass. Or the two of you kick his ass. He had it coming.
Your last statement has been closer to my experience having to deal with over protective pet owners :)
Peruby said…
It breaks my heart that some asshole like that probably mistreats his dog (kicks him all the way home).

I have to admit, I am guilty at times of walking my dog down the alley sans leash. As soon as I see another dog, though - I call mine back and we immediately go the other way.

If he does happen to run up to somebody I apologize all over the place to them.

Still, your post reminds me that I can't be lazy. I must use the leash each and every time.
ethelmaepotter! said…
Oooh, I think that guy needed both a leash and a muzzle. And maybe a padded cell.

When I got my little 4 1/2 pound pups last year, I let them run free in the yard, but quickly found what a bad idea THAT was - joggers, bicyclists, couples out for a stroll - oh yeah, Bode went after all of them. So then I limited their outside trips to leashed or when I got home from work - at 2AM. The last time I did that was right after we got our third dog, Jude, and he promptly took off running in the cold dark night. He was just having fun and exploring, but it took me 20 minutes to track him down.

Lesson learned: dogs should always be leashed or behind a fence. And your pepper spray is a really good idea - for animals AND their owners.

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