Am I The Only One?

When the Super Bowl comes around every year I feel like the only one that isn't in the exclusive club. I don't like football and really don't care for sports in general. I like to watch a live hockey game now and then but that's about it. Oh, I do like the Summer and Winter Olympics, a lot.

I think it all stems from growing up with a father that spent his entire Sunday glued to the TV watching football. With only 3 channels to choose from and all of them showing football, we were trapped. No TV's in our own room, no computers, ipods or cell phones. You either watched, or you were exiled to your room. Even if he fell asleep, if we even got close to the TV to turn the channel he would wake up and yell. So I grew up hating it.

It's treated like a full fledged holiday, with weeks of commercials about the food you should serve and the brand of beer you should drink. Just another excuse for over indulgence. My husband will be going to his son's house and he's already planning the snacks he'll take. Whoopteedoo.

My daughter and I have plans to go hang out in thrift stores and maybe watch the Puppy Bowl. Now, that's a great game to watch, including with the kitty half-time show. So I guess I'll endure all of the testosterone and hullabaloo for one more year until normalcy returns to the land.


ethelmaepotter! said…
Who wrote this, you or me? Coz that's exactly the way I feel!

The one good thing about the Super Bowl, and all football season, actually, is that Fred doesn't notice that I'm on the computer the whole time!

I rather like idea of the Puppy Bowl - if I bring brownies, can I come over?
fernvalley01 said…
Hubby is home for the weekend from work, we have lots to do and when we aren't busy ,I somehow doubt we will be watching a silly game on TV , I like to watch football if I can be at the game , on TV its like watching the paint dry
kden said…
You betcha Ethel, the more the merrier. We haters need to stick together.
Grumpy said…
Anti-American, all of you.
bill said…
Have you no shame? I never heard such nonsense as those three comments in my whole put togethers except maybe at a knitting party one time. Men, who spend most of their time and energies bringing in the bacon need a little relaxation after a difficult week slaving, doing some humiliating work that insults the intelligence, deserve that weekend break of a short game of football
(unlike watching paint dry). And this is the biggest weekend of all. You girls ought to be standing ready to serve refreshments, whenever he needs them. Nice article, Spokane.
fernvalley01 said…
Well grumpy, in my defence I am Canadian , we are more of a hockey group.
Bill,???? yup sure all over that project...not!
kden said…
It's funny how a sporting event can bring out the best in people, ha. That was fun ;-)
Claire King said…
I like sports other than watching golf on tv. Now that is like watching paint dry.
Over here in England, the Superbowl was on TV until 3.30am on Monday morning. I must be mad because I watched the whole thing - including the awful Black Eyed Peas at half-time. In the end I didn't understand why the game finished forty seconds early with Green Bay leaping for joy. Okay, they'd won - but what happened to those final few seconds? By the way football is what you call soccer - a much simpler less fragmented game than what we always call "American football". Greetings from Yorkshire, England!

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