We Have The Most Interesting Conversations

Our beautiful 15 year old daughter is smarter than both of us combined. She's on the National Honor Society and is so close to having a 4.0 this semester. But....sometimes she is so dense we have to laugh.

Last night we were watching Gold Rush on the History channel and a commercial for Viagra came on. The announcer said to make sure you talk to your doctor about having sex if you have a heart condition. This is the conversation that ensued.

Daughter: "This is a very legitimate question. Why would you have to talk to your doctor about having sex if you have a heart condition."

Hubby: "Because sex is a stimulant and you have to be careful if you have a bad heart."

Sometimes there is an ick factor when father talks about sex so I tried to put it more medical terms explaining that it's a physical activity like doing a treadmill and you should check with your doctor first before you engage in that activity.

Getting back to  her dad's comment she said "I don't mind of the guys at NASA talk about it but I don't want to hear it from you."

Hubby: "What does NASA have to do with anything."

Daughter: "Well, they have stimulators."

Me and Hubby now in hysterics: "They have SIMulators, not stimulators."

Gotta love the little dummy ♥


Claire King said…
cute post and good for your program success.
Anonymous said…
I watch that show too and I think It might be on the Discovery Channel ;)
kden said…
You're probably right anon, I must have had ax men on my mind.
fernvalley01 said…
BWAHAHAHAH!!!!!! Thanks for that !!! And atta girl on the weight loss
Grumpy said…
They are often up there a long time. How do you know they don't have stimulators?
D. Duplessis said…
That totally made me smile this morning! Thanks to you and your daughter for making that happen!!
kden said…
Hmmmmm, good point grumpy.
bill said…
I'd like to commit on your last paragraph, your weight lose. Good for you. I know how hard that is since I'm in a weight situation myself. I have lost forty something pounds but have gained half of it back. That twenty pounds I keep gaining and losing, over and over. I'm not making any headway.

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