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As we have now rounded the corner into the New Year and there are hopes of Spring and even Summer, I'm starting to see more tourism commercials for destinations near and far. I saw one the other day that featured Australia. Maybe it was just the timing but I thought it was in bad taste. It's like they were trying to advertise that the whole country is not under water. Then again, maybe it was shown for that reason to bring more tourists into the area to help. I remember years ago when Florida was going through some rough times, whether it was hurricanes or some other natural disaster but the tourism board was working overtime trying to make the state look inviting.

But what do people think about the commercials that showcase their own communities? Do other destinations look so much better than your own? Do you snort with laughter and say 'yea right', when you see your own town in a commercial? I do.

As far as I know I've only seen one commercial touting Spokane and it's even a few years old. There's a family talking about how much fun they had at their last visit. Shopping of course is always bragged about. I for one don't really consider shopping when traveling. I like to pick up a little something to remember the place we're at, but I wouldn't call it all out shopping. Restaurants? I guess we have some nice ones but I'd rather kick around at a beach and grab something quick on the way back to the cabin. Fine hotels? We've got some of those too. Broadway shows? Yes, we do get those, I've seen the Lion King. But it's still not what I look for when traveling. Water parks? Well we have one, it's decent, but the one they talk about in the commercial isn't even in the area. It's over 100 miles away in another state. Isn't that fudging a bit to brag about something you don't even have?

We do have some nice parks and a waterfall though and one of the few IMAX movie houses around. I believe we have the only garbage eating goat, it's quite a hit with the kids. The founder of Father's Day was a Spokanite. We do have a lot of skiing opportunities in the area although I have never been to any of them. And I can't forget we have one of the biggest foot races in the world, Bloomsday. I walked it once years ago when I was a lot lighter. Who knows, maybe I'll try it again someday.

OK, I guess Spokane isn't that bad after all. And I suppose if I lived in another area I might want to give it a try as a place to visit. Sometimes we become complacent about our surroundings and take them for granted.

So do you see tourism commercials about your town and are they believable? Or are they blown a little out of proportion to make it seem more attractive? And would you visit your own town if given a chance?


bill said…
There is nothing in my city I'd want to visit. I often wanted to visit Seattle and Tacoma again but never got up that far. In recent years, Moses Lake is the farthest I've gotten. I worked for a company that bought controlling interest a PVC manufacturing Company head-quartered in Spokane who was later bought out by a British firm.

Of course my traveling days are over(for all practical purposes)but I don't see much in the way of ads that entice me.
ethelmaepotter! said…
Well, let's forget for a minute that I live in a tiny town with one red light, and concentrate instead on our nearest big city - Nashville.
I see commercials for Nashville all the time, and they all showcase the country music scene, which, yes, is actually quite alive on weekend nights. It's certainly not appealing to me though, with the bright lights and honky tonks and boot scootin' dancing.
The ads that get me, though, are the ones I sometimes see in Southern Living magazine - quite often, they'll showcase some inn or restaurant or boutique in Nashville - "where the locals gather" they'll say. I have never heard of any of these places! I remember one in particular that is about seven blocks from my sister-in-law's house - in a VERY unsavory part of town. I guess it's chic to shop in impoverished areas now.
No, the ads for my town would not want to make me visit.
Margi Kenny said…
My answer to you kden, "no", I didn't live in a spectacular place with lots of out of the ordinary attractions. Belfair's big deal was the attraction towards the lakes and Hood canal, and hiking. One nice hotel graces our geography, the rest is attached to Seattle. My newest blog references my drives, (to Spokane) to see my daughter at Gonzaga. Spokane is a comfy place!
Grumpy said…
I think all local tourism bureaus romanticize their cities, but I really think Cincinnati has a lot to offer. There are so many things here I have never seen that I could easily vacation here. I love taking out of town friends around town.

I've always wanted to visit the Northwest, especially Oregon & Washington. Maybe someday.
fernvalley01 said…
I live near a little town called Onoway.Our claim to fame is, a) we are On the way to Alaska and b)We had a little strip mall (still do but the business are different ) that house the Mental Health Clinic(where I work) RCMP, Funeral home and the Liquor store.One stop shopping!
Nezzy said…
I just had to roll in a fit of laughter as I read this thinkin' what kind of commercial one might shoot in our Tiny Town...I mean...really!!!! Heeeehehehhe!!!

I can see it now...shot at the local hangout which just happens to be a privately owned 'parts house'. Yep, for real!

God bless ya and have a marvelous day sweetie!!!
kden said…
You all in your tiny towns crack me up! It sounds like the small town I came from, hard to imagine a commercial about Odessa, Washington. Sagebrush, bars, and a German Fest.

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