The Pit Gets Cleaned

I like to call my daughter's room "The Pit". It got to a point of being so messy I couldn't stand it anymore. I can't say it's any different than my room used to look like when I was younger though. Mine and both of my brother's rooms were upstairs and my parents never came up there so they didn't really care what our rooms looked like. They figured if we had friends over and if we were embarrassed by our messy rooms then that would be motivation enough to clean it. I remember my floor was so littered with clothes that I couldn't even see the carpet.

But our daughter's room is very visible to anyone that comes over and needs to use the bathroom so it was time to clean it. We started on the first weekend of her Christmas vacation. First, we pulled everything out, except for the large pieces of furniture. While my husband and I vacuumed, cleaned windows and re-arranged the furniture she was left in charge of separating things into piles of keep, give away, and throw away.

It took the entire weekend and we ended up with several boxes to give away and a full bag of garbage. We even bought her a new mattress set and it was delivered this weekend. It's so much higher than her old set and it's taken her a little time to get used to it but I think she likes it..

She is now on a schedule to dust and vacuum. I told her I would never do that again (full-out cleaning)  and it was her responsibility from now on. I also said that when she moves into her own dorm room or apartment this would be good practice for her to keep it clean. I am such a practical mom, ha.

We're also cleaning out a room of our own in the basement. I want to turn it into a spare bedroom and already have a twin frame bought from Craigslist and ordered another set of twin mattresses. I think it will make a nice room for me to escape to when Papa Bear snores too much. The couch is not very comfortable anymore. It will be nice and cool in the summer and away from the neighbors barking dogs and glaring yard light. Yes, it sounds like the perfect solution. 


bill said…
Raising teenagers is like nailing jelly to a tree.
kden said…
Ain't that the truth Bill. But I am pretty lucky, she's a good kid.
fernvalley01 said…
I should have called you and your hubby in to my place. Our spare room is the catch all for hubby's stuff.He is a bit of a pack rat , papers magazines , boxes etc.5 bags of assorted garbage, giveaway stuff, and 3 loads of laundry later the room is fit for guests
Grumpy said…
Looks like I would expect a teens room to look. I actually think girls are messier than boys. Keep us informed as to whether it stays clean.
Claire King said…
The good ole memories.
Peruby said…
Have Papa Bear check with his doctor about sleep apnea. Especially if he is getting sleepy during the day.

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