Overheard At Walmart

I went to Walmart early this morning to do my shopping and beat the crowd. I got behind a young mother who's cart was loaded with groceries and two kids, around the ages of 4 and 5. Apparently she  used to work there so her and the cashier were catching up. I missed the first part of the conversation but the cashier asked young mama what hobby she was referring to.

"IM'ing", she said.

The puzzled look on the cashier's face told me that she had no idea what that meant.

Young Mama explained, "Instant Messaging, I talk to guys all over the world, like England and India. I love talking to the guys in India, they're soooooo fun."  She went on and on about how much she loved this hobby of hers.

The cashier asked what her husband thought of her hobby.

"I'm only allowed to IM from 8 to 4 and then when he gets home I have to stop", she explained.

When I finally got up to the cashier I told her that I'm probably quite boring in comparison to Young Mama. As I head out to the car she's parked right next to me and someone is helping her load her groceries into the car. They were discussing each of their child's school and kindergarten classes. The other woman's child has Kindergarten all day long and he's so tired when he comes home and goes to bed right after dinner. Young Mama said "Oh I WISH, my son only has half-day Kindergarten."

By then my car is loaded up and as I open my door to get in, she's yelling at her kids to sit down and buckle up, HURRY! Young Mama must be in a hurry to get back to her men in different countries.

I just see so many things disturbing about this scenario. Neglected children, spending as much time IM'ing as someone who has a job. Maybe she doesn't need to work, bless her husband. She had no problem dropping over three hundred bucks for groceries and I feel guilty if I go over $75.00.

I know I spend more time on the computer than I should but after about an hour or so my eyes start blurring. And as much as I love blogging and an occasional status update on Facebook, I can't imagine sitting there for 8 hours to do it.

Maybe some day she'll figure out what she's missing, especially her kids growing up and enjoying life in general. There's too much out there to spend your time with your butt planted in front of the computer. So I better practice what I preach and sign off to go make dinner.


fernvalley01 said…
by the time she figures it out ,it will likely be too late , for her and her kids , and I suspect her marriage.I chat online with the blogs I read.but messaging strange men? pretty sure that is a slippery slope.Here is a wild thought , she could speak directly to her husband now and then?
Peruby said…
Yuck. I don't get the attraction of IM. At all! It must be a form of addiction? To speak with men only shows that she is seeking attention of a romantic nature.

Addicted to love (or the thrill of it all).
Grumpy said…
Families don't talk anymore. It's a shame; try to imagine her kid's home life.
Claire King said…
Agree with all of the above.
ethelmaepotter! said…
This is not neglectful to her children (and I'm assuming her house) but also disrespectful to her husband, and DANGEROUS. And stupid. Just plain stupid.
bill said…
You've all indicted me for what I do all day.
kden said…
I think we all do this to some extent Bill. But mostly what I was referring to and what people were commenting about is that this is a young mother with two children at home who spends 6 hours a day Instant Messaging strange men in other countries. And it's sad that her husband has to set limits on her.

In no way would I ever condemn one of my blogger friends for what they enjoy ;-)

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