My Gift Has A Bald Head

No----not my husband!

proud grandpa
My husband and I finally got to meet his first born son's first born son over Christmas. That was the only gift I wanted this year.

Before the baby came along, visits were very brief and more time was usually spent with my husband's ex and my stepson's wife's family. But while were on the phone discussing logistics and meals before they even got to town, I gently brought up that fact and that we often felt like we got the short end of the stick.

hanging on my every word

They only had 9 days to spend time with so many people but they really made an effort to fit everyone in. We saw them for a few hours on Christmas morning for brunch at my other stepson's place. Little Tyler is pretty content to be passed around to total strangers. He's quick to smile and has the most beautiful blue eyes. But being a typical 5 month old, he got tired, hungry, and cranky quickly.

Then they stopped by again yesterday and stayed a bit longer. We took advantage of the time and took lots of pictures. I had forgotten how much time is involved dealing with a baby. The holding, feeding, bouncing, rocking and generally not having a moment to yourself. I miss those days, yet now I don't envy the new parents either.

OK I'm done, someone come and get this kid
Our daughter has not been around babies much and was pretty uncomfortable holding him. Then later in the day after they had gone and hubby was at work she cried in the realization that she is not her big brother's 'baby' anymore. They are about 24 years apart and she loves both of her big brothers and has always felt special around them. It's tough growing up.

It's hard to say when we will see them again, hopefully this summer. So until I get my next baby fix I will have to suffice with pictures and the memory of what it's like to have a warm little head snuggle up under my chin.
Mr. Blue Eyes


What a wonderful gift, he is a real cutie
fernvalley01 said…
What a beautiful boy! And a Wonderful gift to spend the time with him and his folks
bill said…
What a good looking boy all dressed up in his Christmas finery for his visit with everyone. You know what you said about getting the short end of the stick, that seems to be the norm everywhere. It just happens. Hope everyone had a good time. Now we have to get back to the salt mines, the daily grind so we can pay the bills.
Claire King said…
Wonderful pictures kden!You are as beautiful as I thought you'd be. I can see what a caring person you are just from the pictures. Oh yes, and your family is lovely also! Corny, I know...
Grumpy said…
Cute kid, and not all of them are. Glad you got time with him.

I like your new look too.
Anonymous said…
Gosh, that kid has cute grandparents! And a beautiful aunt, too! Oh, and the baby isn't bad, either. I'm so glad you got to spend time with him.
Signe said…
What a cute little guy! Thanks for sharing the pics :)
ethelmaepotter! said…
Precious, precious, precious!!! I'm having grandbaby fever all of a sudden!
That's YOU???? You look like my cousin Kathy!
kden said…
Ethel, your cousin must be AWESOME then, ha.

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